Fusion3 Design

Digital Fabrication Solutions

Fusion3 Design is a 3D printing and digital fabrication solutions company located in Greensboro, NC.  We help our customers translate their ideas into physical objects quickly, easily, and with minimal cost.  More information on our capabilities is below.

Industrial-Class 3D Printers

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Our powerful 3D printers provide industrial-class capabilities at an affordable price.  With 1+ cubic feet of print volume and over 10 material types to choose from, our machines are well suited for everything from prototyping to short-run or high-mix manufacturing.

Learn more about our 3D printers here.


Rapid Prototyping Services

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If you don’t need your own 3D printer, but still need a part made or a design prototyped, our 3D printing services may fit the bill.  We offer quick turnaround times, multiple material options, and can produce single prototypes or hundreds of production or end-use parts.

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