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Learn About The F306 3D Printer

Fusion3 is the first sub $5,000 3D printer
manufacturer to offer leasing / financing
to its 
small and medium business customers.

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What's 'Commercial-Grade'?

Some Printers Are Built For Hobbyists,
The F306 Is Built For Business

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Print Quality

Advanced features including a heated print surface, zero backlash drive system and tri-lift Z axis, ensure consistent, high-quality output, matching competitors costing 10X more.


Print at speeds 2-4x faster than other 3D printers without sacrificing print quality. Massive print jobs take hours not days and look great.

Print Volume

Massive 1.01 cu ft print volume (12″x12″x12″) in a compact design that fits on a desk.


The F306 is engineered for maximum reliability and performance, with over 10,000 hours of reliability testing.


The Fusion3’s F306 printer has reduced our costs, improved our lead times and increased our quality by providing high-quality parts for prototyping, production parts, and production tooling. Lino Verna


Where Fusion3 soars above the competition is their focus on the customer. They’ve gone over and above the call of duty in helping me understand 3D printing. The service and support has been phenomenal! Mike Steffen

Bright Creations

Our Fusion3 printer has been a life saver. We produce everything from molds to custom mounts to mock-ups for testing. The extremely large bed and flexibility in material types has been critical. Adam Zimmer

Ultra Electronics

Parts that took all day on a Makerbot only take 1-2 hours on the 306. Also, the print quality from the F306 (resolution and finish) is better than the same parts printed on expensive Stratasys FDM printers. Very nice job on the F306 Printer! Paul Duhamel


The F306 Printer

Best in class performance & reliability
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