One of the great things about the 3D printing industry is the innovation and development of new materials (3d printer filament).

Manufacturers are regularly improving on the formulations of existing materials and coming up with new and interesting combinations that expand the possible applications for 3D printing.

Fusion3’s printers can print almost all materials / filaments on the market today as long as they melt at a temperature of 300*C or less.


Many other 3D printer manufacturers require you to purchase their expensive, branded filament, limiting your material options and increasing your operating cost.

Fusion3 does not sell filament to our customers. We believe our customers should be able to choose from the widest variety of quality materials and have competition from multiple suppliers to ensure the best price and service.

The foundation of this philosophy is our rigorous filament certification process. Our R&D team seeks out and tests materials from different manufacturers known for qualtiy, innovative formulations and competitive pricing. For those materials that ‘pass’ our tests, we create and publish ‘profiles’ (configuration files for the Simplify3D slicing software) which are distributed monthly to our customers. This ensures that any customer can print any certified material right ‘out of the box’.

Interested in a live demo?

Each week we host live, interactive webinars to demonstrate the operation and capabilities of our F400-S 3D Printers.

Thank you! Please look for an invitation with dates and times for you to select from.