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Fusion3 was conceived in 2012 in North Carolina, anticipating that 3D printing and 3D printer companies would eventually see mainstream adoption not necessarily by consumers, but by businesses and other organizations that will require an end-to-end experience that delivers both performance and reliability as a mission-critical tool for the organization. We were founded with the goal of becoming one of the country’s best 3D printer companies, consistently producing the very best American made 3D printers.



Since our founding, Fusion3 has grown to become a leader in the design and manufacture of American made, professional 3D printers. All production takes place at our Greensboro, North Carolina, USA factory, ensuring both innovation and the highest quality in every device we ship to our customers. 3D printing is not overly difficult and we at Fusion3 are working to develop technologies to make the process easier and more reliable with each product generation. For first time users in can feel overwhelming to adopt 3D printing technologies. In response, we at Fusion3 the best warranty and strive to provide the highest quality of technical service and support of any 3D printer company in the industry. Our technical support teams are also based out of our USA 3D printer factory and staffed by employees who have expert knowledge of the product as they too build and operate our American made 3D printers on a daily basis.


USA 3D Printer

Do you know the manufacturing locations for each competitor of Fusion3?

Raise3D China
Ultimaker Netherlands
Zortrax Poland



Provide world-class additive manufacturing capabilities
to customers at best-in-class prices.

We accomplish this by building 3D printers that delight the end-user AND
demonstrate value to the purchasing executive through:


Continual Improvement

Our customers require a product that works reliably AND provide best-in-class performance. We continually identify ways to improve the speed, print quality, reliability, and ease of use of our printers, ensuring we are consistently at the forefront of improvement among all 3D printer companies.

Features, Not Flash

Sexy industrial design is expensive and translates into a higher priced product for the customer. Unlike other 3D printer companies, Fusion3 invests its resources to improve performance. When we invest in industrial design, its because we see an opportunity to improve performance and reduce operating costs for the customer.

Customer Satisfaction

Not only do we strive to build a great American made 3D printer that can operate for thousands of hours, but we also make sure that the customer is able to generate great printing results. We’re happy to take your call whether solving an issue or helping you imagine ways to get more from our printers.


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Where is Fusion3 based?

Fusion3 is based in the US in Greensboro, North Carolina. All of our production takes place in North Carolina and we are proud to produce some of the best USA made 3D printers.

What 3D printers are made in the USA?

If buying a USA-made 3D printer is important to you, you should make sure the 3D company you are evaluating manufactures in the US. While many 3D printer companies have corporate offices based in the US, they often outsource their manufacturing to other countries. At Fusion3, we are proud to not only have our office located in the USA, but also our manufacturing in the USA.