About Fusion3

Our Mission

Provide world-class additive manufacturing capabilities

to customers at best-in-class prices.

We strive to build 3D printers that delight the end-user AND

demonstrate value to the purchasing executive through:

Continual Improvement

Our customers require a product that works reliably AND provides best-in-class performance. We continually identify ways to improve the speed, print quality and resolution of our printers.

Features, Not Flash

Sexy industrial design is expensive and translates into a higher priced product for the customer. Fusion3 invests its resources to improve performance. When we invest into industrial design, its because we see an opportunity to improve performance and reduce operating cost for the customer.

Customer Satisfaction

Not only do we strive to build a great 3D printer that can operate for thousands of hours, we make sure that the customer is able to generate great printing results. We’re happy to take your call whether solving an issue or helping you imagine ways to get more from our printers.

Our Team

Chris Padgett

Chris Padgett

Founder & CEO

Chris’ involvement with Fusion3 originated from his own personal interest in 3D printing. In his spare time from his work as a product development engineeer, Chris purchased some 3D printer kits to learn about the technology and was disappointed at their build and print quality. He saw many poor design choices in all of the available printers and started to customize and improve these existing designs. In 2013, Chris realized the potential of a company that could produce an industrial printer at a cost easily affordable by small and medium sized businesses.  He resigned from his paying job in early 2013 to found Fusion3 with the vision of producing a reliable, high-capability, easy to use 3D printer for a fraction of the cost of existing industrial printers.  His prior experience with product design, project management, supply chain development, and product support has been invaluable as Fusion3 continues to ramp up production and broaden its product portfolio. Chris received his BSME from North Carolina State University in 2011.

David Padgett

David Padgett

Co-founder & COO

David brings extensive experience in technology development, product development, manufacturing, quality control, and operations with small and large companies. His experience includes telecommunications, electronic components, and high technology systems for a wide variety of customer segments. After serving in an advisory role to Fusion3 for several months, David resigned from his previous position to join Fusion3 full time.  He is applying best practices in all aspects of Fusion3’s operations including production, quality, business processes, technology, and product design.  David studied at the University of Virgina where he earned both BSME and MSME degrees and also holds a MSMS from Stevens Institute of Technology.  David is a licensed Professional Engineer and a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt.

Chip Royce

Chip Royce

Co-Founder & VP, Sales & Marketing

Chip comes to Fusion3 from a deep career in sales and marketing of emerging technologies. Chip has always been an early adopter of technologies, starting with an Atari 800 computer, then an avid consumer of online bulletin boards and information services. In the mid 1990’s, with the advent of the internet, he started a web marketing and site development firm, becoming an early pioneer in online marketing and e-commerce with early and mid-stage internet start-ups backed by America Online, Time Warner, and internet investment group CMGi. Over the past 12 years, Chip has held a variety of general management, business development and strategy roles in the computer and mobile device industry bringing expertise in hardware manufacturing and supply chain, routes to market and ensuring high customer satisfaction. Chip graduated Boston University with a BA in Political Science, earned an MBA from the University of Miami and is a Certified Six Sigma Greenbelt.

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Headquarters / Factory

Fusion3 Design LLC
4321 S Elm-Eugene Street
Greensboro, NC 27406


Visits by appointment only.

Phone / Main Switchboard: 877-452-0010

corporate / partnership inquiries,
please e-mail:
[email protected]

Fusion3 Headquarters

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