Fusion3 F306-Dual Extruder: Best 3D Printer For Business & Education

The Standard In Professional-Grade 3D Printing

High Resolution + Fast Speeds + Large Print Size

Designed For Reliability

The F306 utilizes our “F Series” platform. This low maintenance design, based on a rigid, high-strength aluminum frame, ensures accurate and repeatable print results with industry leading up-time.

Premium All-Metal Print Head

The F306 incorporates the best print head available today. The all-metal E3Dv6 is long lasting and provides consistent performance, ensuring high quality output.

Proprietary Motion Control Systems

Our proprietary linear motion system combines high stiffness & smooth motion, resulting in high print quality at industry-leading speeds.

Large Print Volume In A Compact Footprint

The F306 large print volume 3d printer produces large parts up to 12″x12″x12″ (1 cubic foot) or many smaller parts at one time in a form-factor that fits on any desk or tabletop.

Prints Wide Range
of Materials

The F306 prints most thermoplastic materials (30+ at last count) including high-temperature polycarbonate and nylon filaments. We continually test new materials, providing customers with optimal settings for your application. 

Rigorous Testing & Calibration

The F306 and its “F Series” platform has been put through 10,000 hours of reliability testing. Each Fusion3 printer undergoes extensive quality checks before its shipped to you.

Heated Bed

High power heaters ensure that high temperature materials print with excellent results without the need for an enclosed print area.

Performance That Speaks For Itself

Prints at High Speed (250mm/sec)

Prints Objects Up To 1 Cubic Foot

Fine Resolution On Small Objects

Commercial-Grade Service & Support


The purchase of a 3d printer is a significant investment. For businesses & educational users, up-time is paramount and has a clear impact on your success. Fusion3 believes that our customers deserve more than consumer-styled service and support (for example, community message boards). You need clear, timely assistance to address any issues should they arise. 

Fusion3 stands by this philosophy by providing:

  • FREE, LIFETIME e-mail and phone-based support (the life of your printer, diagnose any techncical issues with your printer)
  • Out of warranty replacement parts, in inventory, for sale at cost.

6 Month Comprehensive Warranty (Included)

The F306 printer includes a 6 month warranty that covers all issues related to materials & workmanship. Fusion3 will replace any parts that are defective and, in the unlikely event of an issues with the entire printer, we will replace the entire printer at our cost (including shipping both ways) with one that is new or like-new. Also under the warranty, Fusion3 provides free e-mail and phone based support for any issues that arise during this period.

1 Year Advanced Exchange Service & Support Plan (Optional)

For customers who wish or require a longer warranty period and desire additional support, we offer our 1 Year Advanced Exchange Service & Support Plan. This plan provides 3D printing help & expertise beyond basic warranty assistance (range of questions including 3d printing basics, material selection, print optimization). Many of our businesses & education customers find the warranty extension (renewable each year, 4 year maximum) and overnight shipping of replacement parts gives additional peace of mind.


Size and Print Volume

Print Technology: Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
Print Volume: 1 cu FT / 12″x12″x12″ (306 x 306 x 306 mm)
Exterior Size: 606 x 645 x 560 mm
Weight: 30lbs

Power, Heat & Connectivity

Print Head Temp (Max):  300*C
Print Bed Temp (Max):  140*C
Electrical input:  110VAC / 500W
Connectivity:  SD card, USB cable (included)

Speed & Resolution

Max print speed:  250 mm/s
Max travel speed:  550 mm/s
Positioning resolution:  21 micron (horizontal plane)
Minimum feature size:  .45 mm2
Vertical resolution:  100 – 300 micron
Print head size:  0.4 mm
Feature tolerances:  ±0.003” per inch

Software & Warranty

Processing Software: Simplify3D Creator (included)
Software Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux Base
Warranty: 6 Months Materials & Workmanship
Extended Service Plans: 1 Year Advanced Exchange Service & Support Plan, Renewable

For more details, please  DOWNLOAD our latest product sheet.


Overview of the F306 3D Printer

Printing ABS at High Speed (250mm/sec)

Simplify 3D

All-In-One Software Suite

Included with your purchase is a 2 seat license of Simplify 3D ($140 value) to help you get the most out of your F306 Printer, featuring:

  • Unrivaled slicing performance
  • Intelligent support structures
  • Interactive preview animation
  • Optimized multi-part printing
  • Advanced printing modes

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