FAQ: F400 Maintenance

What are the F400’s regular maintenance items?

The print bed should be cleaned and prepped between prints by spraying with water and wiping clean. Other periodic maintenance includes leveling the print bed and removing any debris from the extruder. Inspecting the hotend and removing any plastic that may be stuck there and checking alignment. The Operations Guide describes the maintenance in detail (found on the manuals / downloads page).

Does the F400 require any kind of ongoing calibration?

No, other than regular maintenance, the F400 does not require any regular calibration.

How often will I have to level the print bed?

The F400-S has an automatic bed leveling process to ensure that on a day-to-day, basis the bed is level and you will get a great first layer, which is integral to the printer’s performance. About once a month, you may manually check the bed to ensure that the corners of the bed are at the same level as the center of the bed. This process is very easy and can be done using the supplied feeler gauge and the thumbscrews below each corner of the print bed.

How often do I have to replace the drive line/cable?

We do not expect you would ever have to replace the drive / line cable under normal operation. The drive / line cable is made of Spectra Line which is a thick strand of Kevlar. Unline rubber belts, the line does not stretch, ensuring the calibration of your printer. We have had only a handful of instances where replacement was required and was due to operator error (customers did something to damage the drive line.)

How often do I have to adjust the tension in the drive line/cable?

In normal use, you should never have to adjust the tension. If the idler pulleys in the back get knocked out of position, this can change the tension, but it is very simple to gently move them back into position to restore the correct tension. The Operations Guide (found the Manuals / Download page) describes this procedure.

Interested in a live demo?

Each week we host live, interactive webinars to demonstrate the operation and capabilities of our F400-S 3D Printers.

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