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Fusion3’s business & education customers have demanding applications that require a combination of precision, speed, and reliability. Many 3D printers can meet one or maybe two of these requirements, but only Fusion3’s F410 3d printer delivers on all three, thanks to our unique technology and focus on throughput.


Validated through millions of operating hours with thousands of customers, our ‘F-Series’ platform
is the foundation of the F410’s class-leading performance and speed.


The F410’s completely redesigned extruder includes filament monitoring (pauses system if you run out of filament or if filament stops feeding), filament cleaning (prevents contaminants from entering the print system), and provides improved grip and enhanced performance with all materials.

Fusion3 F410 3D printer extruder, with filament monitoring and cleaning, for accurate and fast 3D printing
Fusion3 F410 3D printer motion control system, enabling fast 3D printing and class leading accuracy


The ‘F-Series’ platform combines high stiffness, low ® moving mass, and a unique Kevlar cable system (instead of rubber belts which generate backlash and will wear/stretch over time). This enables the F410 to print faster and more accurately than other 3D printers in its class. With industry-leading accuracy and speed, the F410 is the highest quality fast 3D printer available.


Similar to a unibody car, our structurally rigid aluminum enclosure not only looks great but provides a stable platform, eliminating vibration and ensuring fast and quality 3D prints.
Fusion3 F410 3D printer comes with a rigid metal enclosure, ensuring safety and high performance fast 3D printing


What’s the difference between a consumer and a commercial 3D printer?

The difference between a consumer and a commercial 3D printer is in the printing capability, printing speed, and the application itself. Consumer printers are much smaller and slower than commercial-grade 3D printers. Additionally, consumer 3D printers are much more limited with the choice of filaments, while their commercial counterparts can print a wide variety of materials.

What are some of commercial applications of 3D printing?

The most common commercial applications of 3D printing are:
– Prototyping
– Low-volume manufacturing
– Creation of mechanical parts

What should you look for in a commercial 3d printer?

Look for a commercial 3D printer that offers the following features:
– Cost efficiency
– Ample safety features
– Supports a variety of filaments
– A large printing area
– Reliable support and extensive warranty

What is typically the price for a commercial 3D printer?

3D printers in the Commercial class typically run anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000. At $4,999, the Fusion3 is an affordable commercial 3D printer with comparable reliability, durability and performance to other printers at a much higher price point.

Is the F410 a good 3D printer for prototyping?

Yes, the F410 is a great 3D printer for prototyping. With the F410 commercial 3D printer, your engineers can prototype and repeatedly test parts in much less time than using outside vendors.

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