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FUSION3 410:


With a maximum build volume of 1.38 cubic feet (max build size of 355 x 355 x 315mm), the F410’s large print bed enables fabrication of large parts, or large numbers of smaller parts, in one print job.

F410 3D Printer large enclosed build volume


With the F410, you have the choice between three interchangeable print heads. Select the perfect size for your application to achieve the best balance of speed and print quality. (.4mm included, .6mm and .8mm purchased separately). Also, all our print heads are equipped with hardened steel nozzles, which resist wear from abrasive, infused materials (such as carbon fiber and metals), unlike brass nozzles, making it the perfect choice for large format 3D printing.

3d printer interchangable print head



32% reduction in print time


57% reduction in print time


The F410 3D printer large heated bed ensures proper bed adhesion for all 3D printing materials. Together, F410’s enclosed print area and multi-zone heated bed provide a stable 45*C environment, ensuring excellent print results for high-temperature, engineering-grade materials including Polycarbonate, ABS and Nylon.

Infrared Image of the F410 Heated Print Bed

Infrared Picture of the F410 Heated Print Bed


What is a good standard for a large 3D printing area?

A good standard for a large format 3D printer is 300mm x 300mm x 300mm and upward. The F410 has a max build size of 355 x 355 x 315mm.

Do I need a large format 3D printer?

If you’re planning on manufacturing larger prints or looking to print a number of smaller prints in one session, a large format printer could be a good choice for you.

Do I need to assemble a large format 3D printer?

In the majority of cases, most large format 3D printers require assembly. Some printers require a lengthy, full assembly process, while some come with a simple set up process. Unlike others, Fusion3’s 3D printers are fully assembled at the factory and calibrated to exacting tolerances. Within minutes of removing from the box, you should be printing your first items at high quality and fast speeds.

Can a beginner use a large 3D printer?

The answer depends on the 3D printer rather than the user. Some large-format 3D printers require complicated assembly, making them harder to use. The Fusion3 F410 comes fully assembled and calibrated making it easier to use than other 3D printers, even for beginners.

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