Does Fusion3 support other slicers besides REACTOR and the legacy Simplify3D? | Fusion3

We understand that customers may have a personal preference and wish to use different slicing software. However, Fusion3 only supports REACTOR (and legacy support for Simplify3D) for a number of reasons including:

  • Generates excellent print output
  • Has a robust set of features, competitive with peer software, and meets customer expectations
  • Commercial software (not open-source
  • Can provide features our customers require (meets security needs, customizable to work with our platforms)

Also, we are unable to provide additional support outside of these slicers due to the work to create material profiles. Each slicer has its own way to handle the physics of 3D printer motion and material deposition. The tuning necessary for 3D printing and each material is substantial and the creation of new profiles for each material, for a new slicer software, creates an exponential increase in the amount of work and cost.

The material profiles are an integral part of our technical support by eliminating a large % of variables from the 3D printing process. If the customer had to create these profiles on their own, it could have a large impact both on print quality and our ability to provide any support to the customer.

Please note, that using REACTOR (and/or Simplify3D) is key to ensure that you are in compliance with the Fusion3 warranty.  Damage caused by commands from a different slicer will likely not be covered.