What are the regular maintenance items on the Fusion3 EDGE | Fusion3

The Fusion3 EDGE 3D Printer is designed for long life and easy maintenance.

There are a few items that require maintenance, and users will receive notifications to perform scheduled tasks for most items via the control panel.

Those include (with intervals and cost)
1) Replacement of the HEPA & Carbon Air filters (monthly, if used) ($8.33 each)
2) Replacement of the Bowden tube (every 50-70 hours) ($3.00 each)
3) Lubrication of linear rails (every 175 hrs) ($38.00)
4) Cleaning of the extruder feed gears (each print) (no cost)
5) Checking the tension & adjustment of the Extruder Idler bar (every 2-3 prints) (no cost)
6) Replacement of the ANVIL print head temperature sensor and heater cartridge (approx 9-12 mos.) ($20.00 & $8.00 respectively)