What are the steps to print my CAD file on the Fusion3 F410?

The workflow for printing with a F410 is very simple.

  1. Export your CAD file to your hard drive in .STL or .OBJ format
  2. Open that file using the supplied Simplify3D slicer software
  3. In Simplify3D, import your file and align it on the print bed to the optimal placement (usually to minimize the amount of support structures)
  4. In Simplify3D, select the F410 Printer Material Profile for the material you wish to print
  5. Select ‘Prepare to print’ and save the file to your hard drive
  6. Copy that file onto your F410, either onto the SD card or via web browser to the F410’s onboard storage
  7. Prepare the print bed with adhesive
  8. Load your filament into the printer
  9. From the printer control panel or web interface, start your print