What is the difference between the Standard & Secure versions of the EDGE 3D Printer? | Fusion3

Fusion3 has many customers who operate in secure environments and require a 3D printer that protects this sensitive nature of their files.

However, our base customers seem more consumer styled features which are often at odds with the needs of those security-conscious customers.

In response, Fusion3 offers two versions of EDGE, Standard and Secure versions of our 3D printer.

The Standard version offers:
– Ethernet & Wifi Networking
– Open USB Port (for transferring files)
– Upcoming features, which may include outbound communication by the EDGE 3D printer to users
– REACTOR, Online activation edition (uses internet to activate and update software)

The secure version offers:
– Ethernet Networking only
– Locked USB port (requires key to unlock)
– No outbound communication by EDGE 3D printer
– REACTOR, Offline activation edition (never internet to activate and update software, uses keys only)