What should you look for in a commercial 3d printer? | Fusion3

Look for a commercial 3D printer that offers the following features:

  • Cost efficient – not only a reasonable initial capital outlay but inexpensive to operate (cost of filament & consumables) and maintain (parts & service).
  • Supports a variety of filaments – some 3D printers can only print one or two materials, limiting their utility. Look for a 3D printer that can print a wide variety of different 3D materials.
  • A large printing area – a small print area will limit the types or number of items you can print. A larger print surface not only allows for printing of larger objects but allows for large and larger print runs of one part or a  set of parts, increasing the 3D printer’s utility.
  • Reliable support and extensive warranty – 3D printing is a great technology, but it is closer to a machine tool than a push button appliance. You will need great support to get the most out of a commercial 3D printer.