Carbon Fiber infused filaments are allowing users to 3D print objects to take advantage of Carbon Fiber’s unique properties. We at Fusion3 have tested and certified a wide variety of different filaments that mix a base plastic (approx. 80%) with 20% of Carbon Fiber shards. To get the most from a carbon fiber blended filament, it’s important to understand what they’re good at (and what they’re not good at), and get the best carbon fiber 3D printer for the task.

Low-temperature carbon fiber filled materials such as CF-PLA are not very useful. PLA is already extremely stiff, and the addition of carbon fiber adds to its brittleness and increases print difficulty. To truly realize the performance improvements of CF fill you need blend Carbon fiber with higher temperature, higher strength materials such as nylon, ABS, polycarbonate, and others.

These carbon fiber filled materials require more heat to achieve full layer bond strength (compared to unfilled material of the same type). Thanks to the Fusion3 F400’s high-power heated bed, enclosed build volume, and high power print head, the F400 has no issues getting high-performance materials hot enough to achieve high strength layer bonding.

Carbon fiber filled materials are abrasive like sandpaper and can quickly destroy a standard brass nozzle. It takes less than 100g of material to erode and deform a common brass nozzle print head to the point of destruction.  Our F400 3D printer comes equipped with a hardened steel nozzle as standard equipment. Unlike a brass, hardened steel will not wear/erode and prints carbon fiber filled filament like a champ, without any wear.

Carbon fiber filled materials are significantly more expensive than their unfilled counterparts. The last thing you want to do is waste material on failed prints. Thanks to the F400s reliability you’ll spend more time productively printing with less wasted time and material.

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