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High-temperature materials such as ABS pose special challenges for consumer/low-cost 3D printers. As a result, certain materials have an undeserved reputation as not well suited for 3D printing.

We’ve engineered the Fusion3 F410 to ensure it is ideally suited to 3d print large parts out of ABS and produce great results.

When 3D printing high-temperature materials, the rules are pretty simple. You need to:

  • Keep the material hot enough after being extruded to control the rate of cooling which reduces/eliminates warp
  • A hot environment to print in
  • Eliminate the influence of outside events, including temperature changes, that could disrupt your print

High Power Bed Heater

It all starts with our heated bed: it’s high-power, drawing up to 450W. This enables us to keep ABS hot enough to control the rate of cooling, and therefore, warp.

Multiple Zones On The Print Bed

Our bed heater is broken into multiple discrete zones with different power densities (patent pending). This keeps the entire print surface at the same temperature, further controlling warp and undesirable cooling of the printed part.

Enclosed Print Area

The F410’s enclosure does two important things: 1) The F410 passively retains heat given off by the heated print bed and the print head, raising the ambient temperature of the build chamber and further reducing thermal stress; 2) Eliminates the influence of air drafts on the printed part.

High Power Print Head

Successful prints require your 3D printer to get your print head hot enough to melt ABS quickly and keep up with how fast you want to print. Thanks to its high power print head and 300*C temperature limit, the F410 quickly heats up and maintains consistent high heat, ensuring rapid extrusion and strong bonds between the layers.

Excellent Quality Material Suppliers

One thing we’ve found over the years is that the quality of ABS resin can vary widely from supplier to supplier. The vendors whose ABS material has been certified to run on the F410 use a high-quality base resin that has excellent strength, low warp, and good layer bonding characteristics. These manufacturers ensure the material is extruded to exacting tolerances and packaged so that it stays dry.

Want to learn more about the Fusion3 F410 and its ability to print all major filament types including ABS?