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Only $4,999 USD + Shipping World-Wide

There are hundreds of ABS filaments on the market, many from overseas/low-cost markets.

However, it is worth spending a few dollars more per kilogram for filament produced from a high-quality supplier who focuses on precision and consistency of extrusion.


Over 27 Different Generic ABS and ABS formulations (Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, Fiberglass, etc..) Certified For Use With Fusion3 3D Printers

We have tested and certified a wide variety of ABS filaments from leading manufacturers for use in our 3D printers.

Atomic Filament ABS 3D printer filament
ABS 3D printer filament Kimya
Keene Village Plastics filament for ABS 3D printer
Verbatim, makers of ABS 3D printer filament
3DXtech filament makers of ABS 3D print
matterhackers 3D printer for abs

ABS 3D Printers Require High Power Bed Heaters To Reduce/Eliminate Warping

Thanks to the Fusion3 F410’s high-power heated bed, enclosed build volume, and high power print head, the F410 Optimized ABS 3D Printer has no issues getting ABS hot enough to achieve high strength layer bonding.

heated bed for 3D printing ABS
Print Head for ABS 3D Printer

Print Bed with Multiple Zones

Our bed heater is broken into multiple discrete zones with different power densities (patent pending). This keeps the entire print surface at the same temperature, further controlling warp and undesirable cooling of the 3D printed ABS part.

Fully Enclosed, Passively Heated Build Chamber

The F410’s enclosure does two important things: 1) The F410 passively retains heat given off by the heated print bed and the print head, raising the ambient temperature of the build chamber and further reducing thermal stress; 2) Eliminates the influence of air drafts on your ABS printed part.

large volume abs 3D printer
print head optimized for abs 3D printing

High Flow, High Temp Print Head

Successful ABS prints require your 3D printer to get your print head hot enough to melt ABS quickly and keep up with how fast you want to print. Thanks to its high power print head and 300*C temperature limit, the F410 quickly heats up and maintains consistent high heat, ensuring rapid extrusion and strong bonds between the layers.


Is ABS good for 3d printing?

ABS is a great material for commercial, manufacturing, and professional 3D printing but poses challenges when printed using a low cost, consumer 3D printer that is not fully enclosed and cannot contain the heat needed to allow all the new layers of ABS to bond to the prior layers.

What is ABS 3d printing?

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, or ABS, is a high-temperature, thermoplastic material. ABS has chemical resistant properties, making it a strong and durable material to use for 3D printing.

Is ABS or PLA better for commercial 3D printing?

While PLA is stronger and more rigid than ABS, it is also very brittle and not well suited for engineering / commercial use. ABS, on the other hand is tougher, lighter, not brittle, and has better temperature resistance than PLA, so is well suited for many entry-level commercial / engineering applications.

Why is ABS used in 3d printing?

ABS is mainly used in professional or commercial 3D printing to create large printed parts and prototypes.

What types of ABS materials can be used to print with the F410?

For a full list of all ABS materials compatible with the F410, please review the Certified Materials list.

For More Information and to Request a Sample ABS 3D Printed Part from the Fusion3 F410