Markforged X3 vs Fusion3 F410: Compare Markforged 3D Printers


Both the Markforged and the Fusion3 are USA companies that focus on commercial-grade 3D printers to build strong, durable parts for commercial users using engineering-grade plastics via Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM).

As the comparison below shows, the Fusion3 F410 is a much better choice than the Markforged X3, offering a larger print area and the ability to print many materials, not just Carbon Fiber Nylon or Fiberglass Nylon, while saving MORE THAN $32,000.

The F410 has many features that the Markforged X3 does not include, such as automatic bed leveling, a heated print bed, and air filtration. The F410 includes a two-year warranty (which even covers the print head) along with free lifetime tech support, compared to the Markforged X3 3D printer one year warranty.

At a much lower price of $4,999 to Markforged’s $36,990, we believe our 3D printer includes the necessary capabilities that the Markforged X3 does not have. With our attentive customer service and value-added features, the F410 is the right choice for customers who require a commercial 3D printer at an affordable price. 


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