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In 2019, Raise3D introduced its IDEX based E2 3D Printer.

IDEX based systems have been around for some time. Two independent print heads move along rails and allow for some cute capabilities, “mirror mode” (print 2 parts inverse of each other) and “duplication mode” (print 2 of the same parts at the same time).

In “duplication mode”, the E2 software suggests that their printer can print 2 parts faster than the F410. However, that may occur ONLY in that scenario.  The F410 is 25%-35% faster for any other quantity of parts (1 part, or 3 parts or more) as the duplication mode can only produce 2 parts at a time.

Take a look a the comparison table below. You’ll see for yourself that the Fusion3 F410, at $4,999 USD, is a much better value than the Raise3D E2 with:  

  • A much larger print area with much faster print times than the Raise3D. 
  • Ability to purchase filament from multiple vendors and receive optimized settings created by Fusion3.
  • Designed to print carbon fiber and other abrasive engineering-grade filaments.
  • Longer warranty and more robust technical support.
  • Made in the USA.

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