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Greensboro, NC, May 19, 2015 – Fusion3, designer and manufacturer of affordable, high-performance 3D printers, today launched a discount program to help support the growth of the MakerSpace movement in the US and Canada. The company is offering MakerSpaces a 7% discount off its already competitive pricing, FREE lifetime service and Support (a $984/year value) and promotional listings of its MakerSpace partners on the Fusion3 website.

“Makerspaces are the incubator for the next industrial revolution” remarked Chris Padgett, Founder & CEO of Fusion3.  “We’re thrilled to support this growing resource for entrepreneurs and makers by expanding access to our high-performance 3D printers”.

“The Fusion3 was one of the first tools in our makerspace and our members use it constantly” said Joey Adams, Founder & President of Forge Greensboro, the first community makerspace in the Triad Region of North Carolina. “The F306 has stood up well to the use and abuse our members have thrown its way.  If we do have an occasional issue, the free Fusion3 MakerSpace support program has been invaluable in keeping our printer up and running at peak performance.”

This program is open to any qualified MakerSpace in the US and Canada. To get more information or to place an order under this program, please contact sales@fusion3design.com or visit: https://www.fusion3design.com/makerspace-3d-printer-discount/.  Fusion3 will confirm eligibility and provide a detailed quote, including cost of LTL freight shipping.