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Over 6 Different ASA Filaments Certified For Use With Fusion3 3D Printers

We have tested and certified a variety of ASA filament from leading manufacturers for use in our 3D printers. Should any of our customers identify a new, quality manufacturer of ASA (or an ASA hybrid/reinforced material) that they wish to run in their Fusion3 3D printer, we are happy to run it through our material testing and certification process, and if passes, publish the optimized settings for all customers to use with our REACTOR software.

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Form Futura 3D Printer Filament
Push Plastic 3D Printing Filament

Commercial Performance, Only $4,999 USD + Shipping World-Wide

To get the best results when 3D printing ASA filament, it is important what capabilities to look for in your 3D printer.

ASA Requires A Heated Chamber To Achieve Full Layer Bond Strength

Thanks to the Fusion3 F410’s high-power heated bed, enclosed build volume, and high power print head, the F410 Optimized ASA  3D Printer has no issues getting high-performance materials hot enough to achieve high strength layer bonding.

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print head optimized for carbon fiber 3D printing

ASA Requires Precise Temperature Control

ASA is a highly capable, high-performance plastic when 3D printed. However, if printed at too high a temperature, it will scorch and leave unsightly burn marks and blobs on your parts, also affecting part performance. The F410’s high-performance print heads provide, precise temperature control. Coupled with our provided optimized material profiles, you’ll have the correct settings for each of our certified materials to ensure the best performance for every print.

ASA Filament is More Expensive Than Other Generic Plastics.

3D printing with ASA is more expensive than with regular ABS due to ASA’s unique characteristics. The last thing you want to do is waste material on failed prints. Fusion3’s F410 3D printer is reliable and durable, so you’ll spend more time productively printing and waste less material.

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For More Information and to Request an ASA Sample Printed on the Fusion3 F410