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How Much Does 3D Printing Filament Cost?

The cost for 3D printing filament varies on the type of material you're printing and if the manufacturer requires you to purchase their brand of filament. If your manufacturer requires you to purchase their brand of filament, your costs will be higher, sometimes much...

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The Importance of Properly Storing Your 3D Printing Filament

3D printing is a garbage in, garbage out process.  One of the key factors in ensuring you get great results is keeping your filament dust-free and dry.  There are 2 major areas we're concerned with: moisture and dust. PLASTICS JUST WANT TO ABSORB MOISTURE All...

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Using the E3D silicone printhead ‘sock’

Since January 2017, all Fusion3 F400 3D Printers ship with the E3D silicone print head sock which provide a number of safety and performance benefits. For background, most print heads and nozzles are exposed to the air. Over time, the print heads will not only rust,...

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Fusion3 FAQ’s Updated!

We recently updated our FAQ's. Click HERE to see the answers to common questions ranging from our 3D printers' specs and performance, insight into operating a Fusion3 3D printer, to how to purchase from Fusion3.

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Fusion3 Featured on the 3D Printing Today Podcast

Andy Cohen from the 3D Printing Today podcast was kind enough to stop by the Fusion3 Booth at CES and interview our CEO, Chris Padgett. Andy and Chris know each other from their participation in the Google '3D Printing Tips & Tricks' message board (which, BTW, is...

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Fusion3 is hiring!

Fusion3 is rapidly growing across the entire company and is hiring for a number roles in our manufacturing and sales & marketing teams. For more information, click HERE to view our careers page.

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3D Printers & University Library Makerspaces

In the age of Google, university libraries are working to redefine their mission in order to stay relevant.  On college campuses today, not only are libraries places for storing books and to study, but they are now providing team meeting spaces as well as...

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How Much Does A 3D Printer Cost?

One of the common questions for people new to 3D printing is, How Much Does A 3D Printer Cost? I wish that were an easy answer. There is a wide variety in the types of 3D printers and their size, features, quality, durability and performance all factor into a 3D...

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October 2015 Update

Hi Folks, Chris with Fusion3 here. I hope you are all doing great and printing lots on your F306 printers! We have a few updates we wanted to make you all aware of. Visit our Manuals and Downloads page for 2 updated items: We've updated the user manual. In it is a...

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Upcoming Events

Want to see the F306 in person and meet the Fusion3 team?  Join us at one of these upcoming events! Maker Faire Atlanta When: This weekend 10/3 and 10/4 Where: Decatur, GA Link:  http://makerfaireatl.com/...

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Simplify V3 Install & Setup Guide

Hi folks, With the release of Simplify V3, and the changes to the install/setup process, we've put together a new guide for getting it set up correctly. You can download it here. Happy...

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June Updates!

Hi Folks, Chris with Fusion3 here. I hope you are all doing great and printing lots on your F306 printers! We have a few updates we wanted to make you all aware of. New Approved Filament Supplier First, we're excited to announce the first of several new filament...

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Fusion3 Launches Discount Program To Expand 3D Printing In MakerSpaces Across US & Canada

Fusion3, designer and manufacturer of affordable, high-performance 3D printers, today launched a discount program to help support the growth of the MakerSpace movement in the US and Canada. The company is offering MakerSpaces a 7% discount off its already competitive pricing, FREE lifetime service and Support (a $984/year value) and promotional listings of its MakerSpace partners on the Fusion3 website.

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