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June Updates!

Jun 29, 2015 | Blog

Hi Folks,

Chris with Fusion3 here. I hope you are all doing great and printing lots on your F306 printers! We have a few updates we wanted to make you all aware of.

New Approved Filament Supplier

First, we’re excited to announce the first of several new filament supplier partnerships! Atomic Filament (http://atomicfilament.com/) has top-tier PLA and ABS filaments that print great, and have great versatile colors. We’ve been extensively printing with their ABS and PLA in house, and they are our new favorite supplier. Their PLA prints nicer than others we’ve used, and they use a different ABS blend that has higher strength, less smell, less warp, and better temperature resistance than typical ABS. We recommend they become your first stop for new filament from now on!

A couple additional points:

  • Atomic PLA likes to be printed at 215 to 220C. The updated profiles below have this change made, but if you don’t use them please bump the head temperature up slightly.
  • Atomic ABS should be run with the “ABSpro” preset to achieve best results.

New Version of Simplify3D

Second, Simplify3D has recently released version 3.0 of their software! More info is here: https://www.simplify3d.com/simplify3d-announces-version-3-0-of-universal-3d-printing-software/

In our internal testing we’ve encountered a few minor issues in this release. However, from our conversations with Simplify’s support staff, these do not appear to be widespread. However if you want to upgrade, we strongly recommend you keep your current version (2.2.0) installed and if possible keep a copy of the download so you can reinstall it if needed. Please remember that if you have issues with the software itself, those should be directed to Simplify3D (https://www.simplify3d.com/support/).

A few important points:

  • Simplify has made a pretty big change to license key management. You now need a user account to log into their site, download the installer. You’ll also need to log in to the software the first time it runs (just like it used to ask for your license key the first time it ran).
  • To import FFF profiles go to “File > Import FFF Profile”. The import button is no longer in the FFF settings dialog box.
  • The first time you run the new version you’ll need to go through the process to set up your printer again. As before, you can select “other” where possible and ignore the specifics as the imported configs will set it up correctly when they’re imported.
  • We’ll be working on updating our documentation in response to these changes, but for the adventurous among you this should get you started!
  • Simplify has added several new features to improve dual extrusion printing. Our dual head profiles have not been updated to use these features yet, partially so they maintain backwards compatibility with older versions, and partially because we just haven’t had time to test the new features yet!

Updated S3D Profiles

Third, we have updated the Simplify3D profiles on our website. We’ve added a new material (Taulman’s Alloy 910) and tweaked other profiles for better performance (including PLA, Taulman Bridge Nylon, and the dual extrusion profiles). The direct download link is here. If you’ve received your printer in the past 2 weeks, you already have the updated profiles.

The dual extrusion profiles are in a separate download available here.

Dual extrusion customers, please expect an additional update in the next few weeks after we’ve gotten everything sorted out with Simplify v3.

Thank you, and happy printing!
Chris & the Fusion3 team