Operations Guide (Revision 7 – NEW! as of 5/11/2015)

Simplify3 Material Profiles for F306-S and F306-D (updated 4.17.2018)

Chart of Recommended Materials & Profiles to use for Simplify3D

F306 Firmware (reference copy)
IMPORTANT: Each F306 is precision-calibrated before it leaves our factory. If you need to re-flash your firmware, please contact support to get the correct settings for your specific printer.

Bearing Preload Adjustment Wrench (STL file to print)

F306 Spool Holder for Taulman Materials
Custom spool holder created by a F306 owner. Replaces the current spool holder in order to accommodate the smaller spool size offered by Taulman. To replace, just loosen the current spool holder with the supplied 4mm wrench.