REACTOR Free Upgrade for Current Customers | Fusion3


Each Fusion3 3D printer includes 1 license (install on up to 2 PCs) of REACTOR and additional copies are available at $150 each.

We are offering a free license of REACTOR (Windows Only) to customers who purchased a Fusion3 F400 or F410 3D printer with a copy of Simplify3D, prior to the REACTOR launch (October 2020). This offer is to encourage those customers to try the software and adopt this as your main slicing software. Many customers will find REACTOR to be easier to use and provide the best print quality.

NEW CUSTOMERS: Please refer to the installation document that shipped with your Fusion3 3D printer for download and installation instructions. 

Please note, the following Terms & Conditions apply:

  • Customer is offered one (1) FREE copy of REACTOR, per printer serial number (F400 and F410) owned in the form of an Activation Key, while quantities last.
  • Free upgrade provided to original purchaser only. Original purchaser had to have purchased a copy of the slicer software bundled with their Fusion3 F400 or F410 3D printer (did not waive at the time of purchase). Fusion3 F306 owners are unfortunately not included within this offer as we have already discontinued material testing support for that model. The recipient of a printer sold, transferred or gifted is not entitled to this offer.
  • To receive an Activation Key, an authorized user will complete the form below. Their information will be validated against Fusion3’s customer and technical support databases. If the information matches AND the person completing the form is the first for that serial number, they will be provided the Authorization Key. Otherwise, they shall be notified either that the Authorization Key was already claimed or we were unable to verify their identity.
  • Customer is responsible for ensuring that the person redeeming the copy of the software is the responsible person in their organization to do so. Fusion3 is not responsible if a current or former employee redeems the license.
  • REACTOR (both versions) entail a physical copy of software that is installed on your Windows PC and does not require a persistent internet connection. The only difference between the Online and Offline versions is that the Online version will connect infrequently to verify your license and to receive updates (material profiles, software updates and new versions).  The Offline version does not require an internet connection to activate and maintain the license. The Offline version is restricted to certain organizations that have specific IT Security protocols that strictly limit internet access.

I would like to request my FREE copy of REACTOR (while quantities last):