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3D Printers & University Library Makerspaces

Mar 5, 2016 | Coverage

In the age of Google, university libraries are working to redefine their mission in order to stay relevant. On college campuses today, not only are libraries places for storing books and to study, but they are now providing team meeting spaces as well as Makerspaces. 3DPrint.com had a great article this past week that provided an in-depth exploration into 3D Printers university library makerspaces.

“Companies like Fusion3 didn’t develop their 3D printers for a home or a garage maker who would use it on weekends; they were created for extremely high-demand and high-volume manufacturing and are capable of being run virtually non-stop, day and night. Based on the speed, build volume and print quality, one Fusion3 F306 could easily do the job of three or four standard desktop printers.”

Many Fusion3 customers were featured and some great coverage of the value of our printers as well.

To read this, just visit 3DPrint.com or click on the image to view the article in PDF form.