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3D printing is transforming businesses and becoming increasingly more popular, ranging from startups to multinationals. Many different industries can utilize 3D printing such as manufacturing, engineering, healthcare, and many more.

With the help of 3D printers, businesses can speed up production, improve their efficiency, and reduce lead times. Discover why companies use the Fusion3 EDGE 3D printer in a multitude of ways to drive innovation while reducing time and expense.

Leading Companies Use the Fusion3 EDGE Business 3D Printer For


3D printing helps businesses accelerate product development, producing conceptual models and functional prototypes, more quickly and inexpensively, than traditional methods.


Manufacturers and businesses now have an affordable alternative for low-rate / short-run / low volume production of plastic parts. Businesses can implement 3D printers in a production role, with lower up-front tooling cost and reduced lead times.


Business 3D printers allow businesses and their manufacturing teams to create tools to improve production and assembly steps quickly and inexpensively. Lean out your production process and improve quality with 3D printed fixtures and tooling.

Best-In-Class Speed & Print Quality

The Fusion3 EDGE’s patented motion control system patent-pending technology enables printing of high-quality objects at layer heights as low as .02mm and speeds up to 250mm/sec.

Your team will spend less time waiting and more time designing, testing and using their finished parts.

EDGE is the 3D printer for small business to large corporations that you’ve been waiting for. Stop wasting time and step up your 3d printing business game.

Durable & Reliable

Unlike consumer printers, EDGE is built using high quality, robust components including linear rails and Gates, fiberglass reinforced belts. EDGE withstands use and abuse in production environments and if you have an issue, you’re protected by the longest warranty in the industry. The Fusion3 EDGE 3D Printer for Business is affordable, fast, and durable – so you’re never wasting time waiting for prototypes or expensive repairs.

Large Print Volume

The Fusion3 EDGE business 3D printer and its large print volume lets you print like a pro. Featuring a large 1.64 cubic foot print volume (14.5″x14.5″x13.5″), EDGE empowers users to print their large projects in one piece, saving time and frustration. Companies get the benefit of increased throughput, combining multiple parts into one print job.

3D Print The Widest Variety of Commercial Plastics

Our ‘open material’ philosophy provides Fusion3 customers with the widest variety of 3D printing plastics on the market from many quality manufacturers of filament. With a Fusion3 professional 3D printer you’ll be able to print with classic materials like PLA and ABS, but you’ll also be able to print advanced plastics as EDGE is optimized to 3d print carbon fiber and more.The EDGE’s enclosed, stable temperature environment and proprietary multi-zone heated print bed makes the EDGE the ideal platform for manufacturing parts with high temperature and high strength requirements using engineering grade materials.



How do you choose a 3D printer for your business?

We recommend purchasing a 3D printer for your business based on the following criteria:

  1. Ensure that the 3D printer you choose is affordable for your business with an acceptable initial capital outlay / is cost-efficient.
  2. Ensure that the 3D printer can print the different materials you wish to print today and in the future and that the cost of the materials is affordable, allowing you to purchase them from the open market (vs. purchasing solely from the manufacturer at inflated prices)
  3. Ensure that your 3D printer has ample safety features and will be appropriate for use in your office or work environment.
What makes a reliable business 3D printer?

A Reliable business 3D printer should offer:

  • High Performance: You shouldn’t sacrifice performance for durability. Fusion3’s 3D printers provide exceptional performance, printing engineering-grade materials at speeds 20-40% faster than competitors at standard settings without sacrificing print quality.
  • Robust warranty with a long duration: The depth and duration of the warranty is an indicator for how much a company will stand behind its products. Fusion3 provides the longest warranty of its competitors, 2 years and providing coverage for materials and workmanship.
  • Expert Service and Support: When purchasing a business 3D printer, you shouldn’t have to rely on message boards and other users for advice and solutions for fixing issues. Fusion3 provides free lifetime phone & email technical support, 8 am to 8 pm Monday through Friday, attuned to your business hours in the USA.
  • Replacement Parts: Should you need a replacement part out of warranty, you shouldn’t have to guess what is compatible and have to pay a premium. Fusion3 maintains our Replacement Parts Store and sells items out of warranty at our cost to make or purchase, inventory, and fulfill to you. We don’t see replacement parts as a profit center.

For more detail on the features and specifications of the Fusion3 EDGE