Fusion3 F400: The Best 3D Printer for Business

3D printing is transforming businesses, ranging from startup to multinational in a variety of industries. Discover why companies are using the Fusion3 F400 in a multitude of ways to drive innovation, while reducing time and expense.

Prototyping & Design

3D printing helps companies accelerate product development, producing conceptual models and/or functional prototypes, more quickly and inexpensively, than traditional methods.


3D Printed Architectural Site Plan

Additive Manufacturing

Manufacturers now have an affordable alternative for low-rate / short-run / low volume production of plastic parts. Companies can implement 3D Printers in a production role, with lower up-front tooling cost and reduced lead times.

Sample Parts Printed On The F400

Tooling & Fixtures

Lean out your production process and improve quality with 3D printed fixtures and tooling.

 Custom jig used in Fusion3’s Manufacturing Center

F400 – Best 3D Printer For Business

Best-In-Class Speed and Print Quality

The F400’s patented engineering improvements enable printing of high-quality objects at layer heights as low as .02mm and speeds up to 250mm/s while maintaining outstanding print quality. Your team will spend less time waiting and more time designing, testing and using their finished parts.

Large Print Volume

Featuring a large 1.43 cubic foot print volume, the F400 empowers users to print their large projects in one piece, saving time and frustration.  Companies get the benefit of increased throughput, combining multiple parts into one print job.


Durable & Reliable

Unlike consumer printers, Fusion3’s ‘F-Series’ platform has undergone extensive reliability testing. Its proven durability and need for minimal maintenance ensures your firm spends more time printing. The F400 withstands use and abuse in production environments and if you have an issue, you’re protected by the longest warranty in the industry.

Prints Variety of Materials

The F400 embodies the concept of ‘open materials’.  Your company is not required to purchase filament from us and our all metal, high-temperature print head can print almost all common materials. The F400’s enclosed, stable temperature environment and proprietary multi-zone heated print bed makes the F400 the ideal platform for manufacturing parts with high temperature and high strength requirements.

Budget Friendly

With a price of only $4,495 (F400-S), the F400 is an affordable way to add high-performance 3D print capabilities to any organization. Fusion3 also provides competitive leasing options and volume discounts for orders of 4 or more.

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