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The use of 3D printers in education is growing at a rapid pace at all levels.

3D printing is empowering students of all ages to explore their world in new ways.   Teachers in K-12 and professors in higher education are incorporating 3D/CAD design into their curriculum, in subjects ranging from math to physics, to art & design.

Previously, our 3D printer education customers could get by with a small, inexpensive desktop ​3D printer for occasional printing use. However, once the volume of prints increases and administrators need to get large quantities of parts printed and graded in a timely manner, small, cheap desktop 3D printers are not up to the ask.

Discover why high schools, technical colleges, and research universities have upgraded to Fusion3 3D education 3D printers on their campuses.

education 3d printer customers
A Small Sample of Fusion3’s Education Customers

Only $6,999 USD minus Educational & Volume Discounts

The Fusion3 EDGE Is The Perfect Education 3D Printer


No technology enables STEM education better than 3D printing. A 3D printer can enable real-world implementation of a student’s ideas & vision and the practical results of their studies. EDGE provides a  large build area to print many small student parts at one time, speeding up the production and grading process.
Robotics Education 3D Printer
Nationally Ranked Robotics Team
Taking Delivery of their Fusion3 3D Printer


Researchers around the US rely on Fusion3 3D printers in a wide variety of fields, including materials research, medical devices and prosthetics, and other physical sciences. The Fusion3 EDGE prints objects quickly, enabling frequent iteration, which translates to academic success.
3d printer education university medical research
Fusion3 F410 3D Printers at
The University of Utah Center of Medical Innovation


University, K-12 and community libraries are transforming their mission by incorporating 3D printing as a service or via self-serve makerspaces to their library patrons. The Fusion3 EDGE with itslarge size and fast print speeds provide the ability to print more parts at lower cost than other 3D printers.
university 3d printer education
University of Western Florida’s Skylab Makerspace

Benefits of Adding 3D Printers To Your Classroom:

Adding 3D printers to an educational curriculum makes learning more exciting for both the teachers and students. Help students tap into their innovation by facilitating them conceptualizing their vision and developing it into a real life creation. 3D printers for education:

  • Creates excitement and engages students
  • Promotes problem solving skills and creativity
  • Boosts communication and collaboration skills between students
  • Provides experiential and hands-on learning experiences

Education 3D Printer With Features That Schools & Universities Require

Best-In-Class Speed and Print Quality

The Fusion3 EDGE patented motion control system enables the printing of high-quality objects at speeds up to 250mm/s while maintaining outstanding print quality. Students & researchers will spend less time waiting and more time designing, testing, and using their finished parts when teachers and administrators are armed with the EDGE 3D printer.
Education 3D Printed Boat
Quiet 3D printer technical college

Safe For Use In Classrooms

Unlike open frame consumer printers, the Fusion3 EDGE is safe for use in the classroom or other public spaces. Its enclosed print area and door with large windows ensures exciting visual experience in educational environments while protecting against contact with high temperature surfaces & sensitive electronics. EDGE is quiet and even includes optional HEPA / Carbon air filters for spaces lacking adequate ventilation.

Large Parts = Large Ideas

EDGE features a large 1.62 cubic footprint volume (14.5″x14.5″x13.5″) while still compact enough to function as a desktop 3D printer.

Users no longer have to worry about cutting up their large projects to fit in a small print volume, saving time and frustration.  The print volume also increases the efficiency for administrators, allowing them to combine multiple student projects into one print job.

Fusion3 Large education 3D printer, Enclosed 3D Printer
Fusion3 EDGE rigid education 3D printer enclosure

Safe For Use In Classrooms

Unlike consumer printers, the commercial-grade Fusion3 EDGE has undergone extensive reliability testing. This durability and low maintenance requirements mean you and your students spend more time printing. EDGE withstands use and abuse in laboratory environments and if you have an issue, our modular design makes replacing damaged parts easy.

Inexpensive Materials, Yet Widest Variety

Fusion3 does not sell filament.

Instead we encourage customers to experiment with one of the many different materials that we have tested and certified for our 3D printers.

Our high-temperature print head with hardened steel nozzle can print almost all common materials. The high-power, multi-zone heated print bed controls part warp and lift on high-temperature materials, making this the ideal platform for new polymer research.

3D printer filament
affordable education 3D printer

Within Your Budget

Qualified educational institutions receive a 5% discount and volume discounts for quantities of 4 or more in an order.

With a price of $6,999 before discounts, EDGE is an easily justifiable expense and compared to other 3D printers will stand head and shoulders above cheap consumer 3D printers for its features, warranty and support, and a clear winner against others in its price class for outstanding performance, warrant, support and being made in the USA.

Best Warranty & Support of Any 3D Printer

We have so much confidence in the reliability and durability of every Fusion3 printer, each Fusion3 3D printer comes with the best warranty in the 3D printing industry. We warranty your EDGE 3D printer’s workmanship and materials for 2 YEARS. In addition, we provide FREE phone and email technical support for the life of your Fusion3 printer.
best warranty 3d printer education


How is 3D printing used in education?

3D printing in education acts as a catalyst for innovation and creativity. It allows students to turn their computer design into a real, tangible 3D printed part or model. This allows students to build and sharpen their planning, critical thinking, and design skillset.

How can you use 3D printers in education?

There are many ways to add innovation to educational curriculums with 3D printers. Here are a few ways to incorporate 3D printers into the classroom:

  • Print 3D models of mathematical equations and experiments to solve
  • History or geography students can print out 3D models of historical maps or build 3D models of futuristic or fictional maps
  • Engineers can design 3D printed parts or prototypes
  • Architecture student can design and print architectural models

What features should I look for in an education 3D printer?

When looking for an education 3D printer, you should look for the following features:

  • A safe 3D printer that has an enclosed bed
  • A quiet 3D printer that won’t interrupt the day to day classroom activities
  • 3D printer compatible with a wide variety of materials
  • Great warranty and support

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