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Fusion3 has always recognized the safety and comfort aspects of 3D printed as a key factor in the adoption of 3D printing. As a result, with every new 3D printer model we look to incorporate additional features to drive further comfort, safety and convenience features that address our customer’s needs, whether in the office, school or manufacturing shop floor.

Environmental Sound


Rustling Leaves 10db
Whisper 20db
Silent Library 30db
Fusion3 EDGE 3D Printer 37.5db
Quiet Office 40db
Urban Residence 50db
Normal Conversation 60db
Washing Machine 70db

Quiet for the Workplace & Classroom

We take great care to ensure our 3D printers do not disrupt your work or school environment.

All Fusion3 3D printers are generally quiet with the door closed. Our EDGE 3D printer at 37.5 decibels, both not noticeable above the sounds of a normal office or classroom.

Customers only tend to notice the sound of our 3D printers either when the room is dead quiet, or if they have a musical ear, as the stepper motors of 3D printers tend to give off different harmonics during different types of movements.

Protection From Hot Surfaces

Since the introduction of our F400 in 2016, every Fusion3 3D printer has been fully enclosed.

This not only provide performance benefits when 3D printing higher temperature materials, it prevents customers from accidentally coming in contact with hot surfaces, including the print head (which gets up to 320*C) and the multi-zone print bed (up to 140*C).

The introduction of the Fusion3 EDGE in 2022 included a door interlock feature which will stop printing if the door is opened (the print is paused and moves to the back rear corner). The print is not abandoned and the print bed will still stay hot, however this will reduce the chance of accidental contact with the print head.

Fusion3 EDGE 3D Printer with Door Interlock Safety Feature

Carbon & HEPA Air Filters (Optional)

Another benefit of a fully enclosed 3D printer is the ability to control the exhaust. Since 2016, we have offered optional air filtration options with our 3D printers.

Our EDGE 3D printer has an integrated filter housing within customers can install optional Carbon Fiber and HEPA filters. For locations lacking adequate ventilation, and depending on the material you are printing, these filters will capture some, if not most of the smell and potentially hazardous compounds released during printing.

Please note, that the emissions released will vary based on each material and you should check the manufacturer’s safety sheets before printing. The availability of these filters does not guarantee the effectiveness for any material printed.

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