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The Fusion3 EDGE commercial 3D printer delivers the complete commercial solution: speed, print quality, large build area and service & support that businesses require.

Perfect for prototyping, jigs & fixtures, and the production of end-use parts, the Fusion3 EDGE is the best commercial 3D printer for your business and commercial 3D printing needs.

Many industries are embracing 3D printing, but the most significant that we see here at Fusion3 come from the following: Automotive, Aerospace, Medical Manufacturing, Metalworking, and other related manufacturing fields.

Commercial Parts 3D Printed On the Fusion3 EDGE Commercial 3D Printer

The EDGE Commercial 3D Printer Delivers the Reliability and Performance You Need for the Following Commercial Applications:


With the EDGE commercial 3D printer at your premises, your engineers can now prototype and repeatedly test parts in much less time than using outside vendors. EDGE 3D printed prototypes allow for rapid testings of product iterations in a cost-effective manner. 


Injection molding is capital intensive and expensive unless you have a large volume of parts to produce. With its fast speeds, large build area, and low material costs, EDGE provides a cost-effective tool to produce plastic parts inexpensively.


Fusion3’s EDGE commercial 3D printer enables manufacturing teams to create tools to quickly improve their performance on the manufacturing line. Companies with innovation programs find commercial 3D printers engage employees and drive rapid process improvements.

Best-In-Class Speed & Print Quality

The Fusion3 EDGE commercial-grade 3D printer features our patented F-Series motion-control system that enables the 3D printing of high-quality objects at layer heights as low as .02mm and speeds up to 250mm/sec.

Don’t waste time waiting for your parts to print. With EDGE you will spend more time designing and testing.

Durable & Reliable

Unlike consumer printers, EDGE is a workhorse using highest quality components and able to withstand use and abuse in commercial environments.

Fusion3 backs our 3D printers with the longest warranty in the industry so you never have to worry about expensive repairs or service contracts.

Enormous Print Volume

The Fusion3 EDGE has the build volume of a true professional 3D printer, with a large 1.64 cubic foot print volume (14.5″x14.5″x13.5″).

Our large printable area enables customers to print large objects in one piece or many smaller items in large batches. It’s important to consider scale for commercial uses of 3D printers, so make sure you have a 3D printer large enough to print what you need.

Fusion3 EDGE in the News

Read about Fusion3 working with ActivArmor to offer hygienic, waterproof customer plastic casts to hospitals across the USA.



What’s the difference between a consumer and a commercial 3D printer?

The difference between a consumer and a commercial 3D printer is in the printing capability, printing speed, and the application itself. Consumer printers are much smaller and slower than commercial-grade 3D printers. Additionally, consumer 3D printers are much more limited with the choice of filaments, while their commercial counterparts can print a wide variety of materials.

What are some of commercial applications of 3D printing?

The most common commercial applications of 3D printing are:


  • Prototyping
  • Low-Volume Manufacturing
  • Supporting the Manufacturing Floor with Jigs & Assembly Fixtures
  • Metal Fabrication, including the production of low-volume Press Brakes
  • Maintaining production machinery by producing replacement parts
What is typically the price for a commercial 3D printer?

Commercial 3D printers can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $100,000. The USA-Made Fusion3 EDGE is an affordable commercial 3D printer with comparable or greater reliability, durability, and performance to other printers at similar or higher prices.

Is the Fusion3 EDGE a good 3D printer for prototyping?
Yes, the Fusion3 EDGE is a great 3D printer for prototyping. With the Fusion3 EDGE commercial 3D printer, your engineers can prototype and repeatedly test parts in much less time than using outside vendors, at great print quality, tight tolerances and high strength.
What should you look for in a commercial 3d printer?

Look for a commercial 3D printer that offers the following features:


  • Cost efficient – not only a reasonable initial capital outlay but inexpensive to operate (cost of filament & consumables) and maintain (parts & service).
  • Supports a variety of filaments – some 3D printers can only print one or two materials, limiting their utility. Look for a 3D printer that can print a wide variety of different 3D materials.
  • A large printing area – a small print area will limit the types or number of items you can print. A larger print surface not only allows for printing of larger objects but allows for large and larger print runs of one part or a set of parts, increasing the 3D printer’s utility.
  • Reliable support and extensive warranty – 3D printing is a great technology, but it is closer to a machine tool than a push button appliance. You will need great support to get the most out of a commercial 3D printer.

For more detail on the features and specifications of the Fusion3 EDGE