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F410 3D Printer

The F410 ($4,599 + shipping) prints at excellent speed and high detail for any sized parts. Every Fusion3 3D printer includes our industry-leading 2 Year warranty as well as FREE lifetime technical support.

Freight Delivery To Your Location

Due to the large size and the requirement for careful handling, our 3D printers must be shipped via LTL Freight Truck (US & Canada) or Air Freight (International). Pricing for these shipping methods is highly variable, and does not correlate with distance or location. In order to ensure the lowest price, Fusion3 must contact our shipping partners for each quote request.

1 Year Enhanced Support Plan (Optional)

Our 1 Year Enhanced Support Plan provides additional assistance to customers who are either looking to do more advanced tasks or those who are new(er) to 3D printing and need more help in the operation of their 3D printer.

Air Filter (Carbon & HEPA) (Optional)

For locations lacking adequate ventilation, Fusion3 has an optional filter assembly that bolts onto the rear of the 3D printer and holds both a carbon filter (contains smell) and HEPA filter (captures emissions).

Interchangeable .6MM and .8MM Print Heads (Optional)

With the F410 you have the choice between three interchangable print heads. The .4MM print head, which comes standard, is best for smaller parts that require the tightest tolerances or to print small details. The .6MM and .8MM print heads allow you to reduce print time by dispensing more plastic on each layer, while giving up some amount of detail, proportional to the settings and print head used.

Lease Option

We’ve have partnered with leading business leasing firms to provide competitive financing options to US-based businesses.Terms vary with durations between 24 and 60 months and different end-of-lease options.

Printed Sample Part

We’re happy to print a reasonably sized part from your CAD file at AT NO COST TO YOU to demonstrate the superior speed and print quality of the F410.


Fusion3 provides a variety of discounts including education, active military / veteran and volume discounts (4 or more in one order).