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As 3D printing adoption grows across industry and education, naturally so does its use in various areas of government, the military, security, military contractors, and with various organizations providing ancillary support and services.

Fusion3 has long recognized the importance of protecting intellectual property and the data secured within one’s 3D printer.

We have incorporated these philosophies into our products to ensure that customers who wish to have their 3D printers in the open, can do so and enjoy the benefits and convenience of being always connected.

Many of Fusion3’s customers handle sensitive information and design files. We ensure that our products can meet their information security needs as detailed below:

Made in the USA

Fusion3’s 3D printers are designed, manufactured and supported from our facilities in Greensboro, North Carolina. Product content is primarily from the US and whenever possible our suppliers are local to our company to ensure oversight and proper handling and quality control.

Compliant With Communication Device Standards (Section 889)

Fusion3 is very particular about the components used within our 3D printers as to the manufacturer, origin and quality. All of Fusion3’s products and components are Section 889 compliant.

Restrict Access to Volatile Memory

Due to the threat of theft of external memory devices and inappropriate access to internal device storage, Fusion3 provides our customers with:

1) Few actual volatile storage devices. Usually one internal and one external storage device.

2) Option to omit any external memory storage access

3) Limit access to any internal storage except through a wired networking connection.

Limit / Prohibit Any External

Communication By Device
Seeing as any attempt by the 3D printer or accessories to contact any other device or person over an internet connection would be seen as a security issue, Fusion3 either:

1) Does not include features that allow for any external proactive communication.

2) Offers a version of each product with such functionality disabled.

Local Software Only, No Cloud Applications

Fusion3’s F3Slic3r 3D printing software is installed locally as a Windows application and is never delivered as a cloud application, so your files are stored locally and never at risk of data loss.

Engage With Customers, I/T and Security Teams

We understand that each organization has their own processes for review of new devices and software before and during deployment.

Fusion3 devotes time to customers to assist in the technical and security reviews of our hardware and software and can assist to help plan and execute the deployment of our products in your environment.

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