Make Magazine is the go-to publication for consumers and hobbyists for 3D printers. Over the summer of 2015, the editors at Make came together over a weekend to test and determine the best 3D printer. One facet that we really like about Make’s testing process is that its all about the print results. Sample prints are generated and then compared on a blind basis (not knowing which printer generated the parts).

Make published their results in December of 2015 and Fusion3 was excited to receive a fantastic score from Make (especially considering that our printers are not intended for the general consumer audience and better suited for commercial and education users).

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Make Review Snapshot

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Each week we host live, online webinars to demonstrate the capabilities and features of the F410 3D printer.

Over the course of 1 hour, we take you through the process of printing a part, from start-to-finish, and with 2 way audio, encourage you to ask questions along the way.

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