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F410 – Best All Around 3D Printer

Apr 18, 2018 | General Content

We’ve just released the newest model of our ever-versatile F-Series 3D printers. Replacing the F400, the new F410 carries on our commitment to excellence in 3D printing, while its technology upgrades improve performance and reliability, ease of operation, and security.

Features That Rival Expensive Industrial 3D Printers


Our clients—businesses large & small, libraries, and schools & universities—have an array of printing needs, all of which the Fusion3 F410 is able to meet. This is thanks in part to interchangeable print heads and the F410’s compatibility with the widest variety of 3D printing materials in the entire industry.

Interchangeable Print Heads

Users select one of three interchangeable print heads (.4MM standard, .6MM & .8MM optional) appropriate for the specific task. Each print head, based on the E3D Volcano and incorporating hardened steel nozzles, prints a wide variety of engineering-grade materials at different speeds and quality settings optimized for the customer’s desired quality and production time.

Widest Variety of Materials

Unlike other manufacturers, Fusion3 does not manufacture 3D filament and, therefore, does not require users to print with limited proprietary materials or even buy from us. Instead, we test and certify a large variety of 3D printing materials from many leading manufacturers, encouraging competition in price, quality, and innovation. We often update our extensive certified materials list and encourage customers to submit filaments for testing.


The F410 is designed not only to meet the needs of businesses, universities, and libraries, but to fit within their budgets, too. It is an affordable and capable alternative to the industrial 3D printers on the market, which can cost between $20,000 and $100,000.

Up Time

At Fusion3, we are committed to keeping your operation up and running. The F410’s durability combined with the best warranty and technical support, ensure that your 3D printer is working when you need it.

Best Warranty and Support in the Industry

Fusion3 offers a standard 2-year warranty, the best in the industry, as well as FREE lifetime email and phone support. Our commitment to swift and hassle-free support is a big part of what makes Fusion3 the best all-around 3D printer on the market.

Large and Enclosed

The F410 is built with a large, enclosed print bed enabling users to print large items or large quantities of small items. The enclosed print area provides a stable environment for printing, especially with high temperature materials.

Safe and Comfortable

We understand the need for quiet and safe 3D printers, especially in public areas such as libraries and classrooms. The F410’s enclosed bed protects users from hot materials and the optional air filter traps potentially harmful fumes in areas that are not well ventilated.

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