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To find a specific question or browse answers from our FAQ’s, please select a category below. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please contact either Fusion3 sales (sales@fusion3design.com) or our Technical Support (support@fusion3design.com).

What are the electrical requirements for the Fusion3 EDGE?
EDGE, like its predecessors, uses a switchable power supply. We ship our 3D printers with a standard, 3-pronged desktop PC power cable. You may have to provision your own cable for your locale.

For locations using 110V, you’ll have a maximum draw of 6A.

For locations using 230V, you’ll have a maximum draw of 3A.

Depending on your setup, you may need to put EDGE on its own circuit away from other high draw machinery. Should another high draw machine start up during printing, it could cause your EDGE 3D printer to ‘starve’ and cause a reboot or shutdown, which would end your print.

Does changing print tubes cause misalignment?
With the Fusion3 EDGE, instead of changing nozzles, you swap out our proprietary print tube.

The design of the ANVIL print head system, along with our bed leveling process, ensures any possible chance of misalignment.

What nozzle diameter options are available for the EDGE 3D printer?
The Fusion3 EDGE has a default print tube nozzle diameter of 0.4mm.

If you have special needs that may require a different nozzle diameter, we do offer an additional 0.6mm and 0.8mm print tubes for purchase.

The smaller the nozzle on the print head, the greater the detail, resolution, surface finish, and quality of the finished print.

However, using the larger nozzles will significantly help cut down on print time.

If I print the same part on the Fusion3 EDGE, should I expect any difference in print quality from part to part?

Customers will find that part quality from print to print will be very consistent with the EDGE 3D printer due to a number of factors:

  • The design of our F-Series motion control system provides for a rigid, calibrated, and precise deposition of material.
  • Fusion3 employs strict manufacturing tolerances and quality assurance testing before shipping your printer.
What kind of print head is used on the Fusion3 EDGE?
The Fusion3 EDGE uses our proprietary, patent-pending ANVIL print head.

Fusion3’s patent-pending ANVIL print head system combines precision-milled print head components with an inexpensive surgical steel print tube in place of the traditional screw-in 3D printer nozzle.

The single tube design is more reliable, eliminating the chance of leakage found in a traditional screw-in nozzle print head, and inexpensive and easy to replace, translating to lower operating costs.

Where can I find detailed specifications for the Fusion3 EDGE 3d printer?

Fusion3 published detailed specifications for the EDGE 3D printer in both our PDF brochure and on the EDGE Price & Specifications page on our website.

What print surface is used with the EDGE 3D Printer?

The Fusion3 EDGE 3D printer ships standard with a glass print surface which secures to a heated 1/4″ aluminum tool plate.

Fusion3 also offers an optional 1/4″ magnetic heated aluminum tool plate, which allows for the use of glass along with a variety of different optional surfaces, including:

  • Polypropylene
  • Kapton
  • PEI
  • Garolite
  • Build-Tak

We’ve tested every print surface imaginable and found that glass is the best surface for the wide variety of materials we support (nearly universal). Glass is very flat, transmits heat quickly, low cost, and is easily cleaned. And while it’s not completely impervious to damage, it is easily replaced if it does become damaged.

Does Fusion3 offer any type of stand, or cart for EDGE?
Yes, Fusion3 offers our Heavy Duty Rolling Cart as the perfect complement to your Fusion3 EDGE 3D printer.

This cart provides a stable, mobile platform and freeing up valuable desk space. The cart is truly heavy-duty, featuring steel construction and durable industrial casters, and a large storage area. Note, that the interior of the cart is not air-tight, as it allows for cables to pass through.

The cost is $800 plus LTL frieght or International air shipping.

Can I control EDGE remotely over a network?
Yes, you can control your EDGE 3D printer remotely with a properly configured network connection.

The connection is password-protected and using a standard web browser, you have full control of the 3D printer as you would through the 3D printer’s front control panel. This includes managing files (upload, download, deleting), start/pause/stop prints, monitoring print progress and a host of other features.

Does EDGE have an Auto Bed Leveling Feature?
The Fusion3 EDGE features a mesh bed leveling system that uses both a conductive system to set the ‘Z-Offset’, an inductive, ultra lightweight touch probe to map the bed, to ensure the correct first layer height for every print. The process takes one to two minutes for each print.
How reliable is EDGE? How do you test for reliability?
The Fusion3 EDGE is one of the most reliable 3D printers on the market today.

The reliability of EDGE starts with its design and construction, using Fusion3’s F-Series platform that has been in use for almost ten years and upgraded with precision linear rails and Gates GT belts.

In addition, we have between 30 and 60 Fusion3 printers utilizing our F-Series platform in testing and printing items used to build new printers in our factory. These 3D printers run between 16 and 24 hours per day, 5+ days per week. Two of these printers have been in service for over 20,000 hours of run time with only routine maintenance and some upgrades to the current configuration.

This is equivalent to printing 10 hours per day, 5 days per week for 7 years.

What is the difference between the Standard & Secure versions of the EDGE 3D Printer?

Fusion3 has many customers who operate in secure environments and require a 3D printer that protects this sensitive nature of their files.

However, our base customers seem more consumer styled features which are often at odds with the needs of those security-conscious customers.

In response, Fusion3 offers two versions of EDGE, Standard and Secure versions of our 3D printer.

The Standard version offers:

  • Ethernet & Wifi Networking
  • Open USB Port (for transferring files)
  • Upcoming features, which may include outbound communication by the EDGE 3D printer to users
  • REACTOR, Online activation edition (uses internet to activate and update software)

The secure version offers:

  • Ethernet Networking only
  • Locked USB port (requires key to unlock)
  • No outbound communication by EDGE 3D printer
  • REACTOR, Offline activation edition (never internet to activate and update software, uses keys only)
Does EDGE have any kind of air filter if my workspace lacks adequate ventilation?

The Fusion3 EDGE has a built-in assembly that can hold both a HEPA & Carbon Filter, which together can reduce smells and potentially hazardous emissions from many materials. A pack of 6 Carbon / 6 HEPA filters is $49.

Note: Fusion3 does not guarantee the effectiveness of the filters.

You are advised to:

  1. Review the material safety sheet of the filament printed. For instance some materials such as Acetal will offgas formaldehyde and Fire Retardant materials have additives that are extremely noxious.
  2. Ensure your space has adequate fresh air replacement as the filters cannot be sure to capture all emissions.
Can Fusion3 printers print flexible materials?

Fusion3’s 3D printers are able to print most flexible materials very well, including those made from TPU, TPE, Nylon and PCTPE.

Certain materials are very soft, such as NinjaTek’s Ninja-FlexTM, which struggles to print on most 3D printers, and won’t print on our 3D printers.

We have certified materials very similar to Ninja-flex that you can use as a substitute.

Please contact our support team if you require assistance in identifying a flexible material for your particular application.