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VERSION 1.0.3 – RELEASED January 21, 2021


  • A purge and wipe sequence takes place prior to every print added to all material profiles
  • New “Use repositioning hop” setting. Found in the Expert settings tab, useful to ensure that the print head will avoid collisions during repositioning/printing
  • ABS & ASA profiles increased to higher speeds similar to Simplify3D profiles
  • Added Taulman3D PCTPE Profile
  • Changed the End User License Agreement (EULA), allowing the license owner to install the application on up to two (2) computers concurrently (please refer to the terms and conditions within the EULA for specific requirements and limitations).


  • Fixed an issue in the profile menus where case sensitivity of the material name impacts the ability to save a custom profile
  • Fixed an issue in the print engine where skirt, when enabled, will now always print first
  • Fixed an issue with the planned pause routine in the print engine
  • Fixed an issue with application crashes related to mouse inputs when manipulating parts in the workspace
  • Fixed an issue with the progress bar when importing complex objects
  • Removed all restrictions on the Z axis to modifiers. Modifiers are now allowed to float on the Z axis in any instance
  • Fixed an issue in rendering the 3D preview for certain contour layers
  • Fixed an issue in the print engine, related to the setting “Z-offset after leveling”