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Introducing our new slicer, F3slic3r

Jun 23, 2023 | Blog


We’re excited to announce the release of our new slicer, f3slic3r!  This is a new free and open source slicer we’ve been working on for several months.  While it’s heavily based on the excellent work by Prusa Research (Prusaslicer) and Slic3r dev teams, f3slic3r has been optimized for our printers and to give our customers an excellent user experience, and excellent quality prints!

F3slic3r is free and open source:


  • You do not need to purchase a license key to use the software
  • Users in secure/non-networked environments do not need to do anything special to activate/use the software
  • You can install the software on as many computers as you like without restrictions.  This makes f3slic3r ideal for classroom or other multi-user environments.

All Materials Still Supported

F3slic3r has profiles built in for all Fusion3 materials. Simply refer to our Certified Materials List to find which profile to use for your material. On the right side are three new columns that tell you what profile to use in f3slic3r for a specific material.

For more information, see our blog post on our updated Certified Materials List.

Starting today, printers purchased from Fusion3 will no longer include our REACTOR slicer.  Instead, these printers will ship with f3slic3r.  

We encourage all existing users of our EDGE 3D printer to migrate to f3slic3r as soon as they’re able. 

F400 and F410 Users

F410 users have some profiles available in f3slic3r, but not all.  We encourage F410 users to download the software and see if it has profiles available for your material.  We are adding more as quickly as we can.

F400 users will need to wait to use f3slic3r.  We don’t have profiles available for the F400 yet, but we’re working on it!  We’ll let everyone know when these are ready.  For the time being, please continue to use your current slicer.

How to Get & Use F3slic3r

For more information on f3slic3r, including links to download the installer, see our website here

For a quick 16 minute introduction to the basics of using f3slic3r, see our training video here

As time goes on, we’ll publish short videos covering intermediate and advanced topics.  So if you encounter something that is confusing or you think needs an explanation, please drop us a line!

The Plan Going Forward

Our plan is to migrate all of our users of all printers to f3slic3r over a period of time.  We will continue to provide support and assistance with REACTOR for 1 year.  After that time, we will no longer offer support for REACTOR, including questions regarding its use and license key/activation issues.

Mac Build Coming Soon!

We are working on a Mac build for f3slic3r and will have it available soon.