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Upgrading from a Hobbyist or DIY 3D Printer

You’ve proven 3D printing solves a key challenge in your business. You’ve found that low-cost hobbyist machines can’t deliver what you need. It’s time to take the next step and upgrade to a 3D printer that’s been designed from the ground-up with your demanding application in mind. Fusion3’s business-class 3D printers are ready to take you to the next level.

About the Fusion3 EDGE 3D Printer

Fusion3 provides the best in quality for industrial grade 3D printers. With the EDGE 3D printer, we used our “F-Series” platform to deliver higher speed 3D printing using advanced motion control components. This innovative design allows us to make improvements in print quality and speed, allowing certain materials to be printed at 200MM/sec using a .4MM print head.

The EDGE 3D printer is durable, reliable, easy to use, and fast! Fusion 3’s (patent pending) ANVIL print head system enables faster printing with higher levels of heat and wear resistance. The components are easy to switch out and are economical to to replace.

Before you decide on which industrial grade 3D printer is right for your business, we encourage you to compare the Fusion3 EDGE 3D printer with other 3D printers available. This resource will assist you in comparing essential 3D printer components that often go overlooked in the buying process.

Fusion3 EDGE 3D Printer

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The New EDGE High-Performance 3D Printer

Optimized For 3D Printing Higher-Temperature Materials Including ABS

Only $6,999 + Shipping

Compare EDGE to Hobby / DIY Printers

When it’s time to move beyond PLA and PETG, and print large parts out of high temperature materials, the capabilities of EDGE are unparalleled. See how EDGE compares to common hobbyist printers below.

Taz Workhorse vs. EDGE

Taz Pro S vs. EDGE

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