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36 Unique Branded 3D Printing Filaments Certified for Fusion3 3D Printers: 5/20/2019

May 19, 2019 | Blog

Fusion3 continues our leadership in open-source 3D printing materials. We provide our customers with the most robust variety of 3D printing filament for our industry-leading commercial 3D printers.

The latest update to our Certified Materials List adds Thirty-Six (36) different engineering grade materials from Seventeen (17) different manufacturers, including a number of new manufacturers: AmazonBasics, BuMat, COEX, Mad Maker, Breathe3DP and Ziro3D.

Are you a filament manufacturer, interested having your filament certified for Fusion3’s 3D printers?
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Treed Filaments

Treed Filaments out of Italy is now available in North America, thanks to securing a new distributor out of Canada. Treed focuses on both engineering-grade materials as well as a number of really unique materials focused on the design community. Their ‘Architectural’ line of filaments has plastic infused with various materials (Clay, Brick, Stone, etc…) which provide designers a wide variety of looks for new design applications.

Additional Brands of Carbon Fiber Nylon

Carbon Fiber infused materials are extremely popular for commerical 3D printing applications. This release has three new Carbon Fiber Nylon blends from Breathe3DP, Filaments.ca and Treed.

3DXTech Electrostatic Discharge Materials

3DXTech produces a wide range of engineering-grade materials. Their 3DXSTAT brand of materials have electrostatic discharge properties. This update of our certified materials list adds two different ESD Safe materials, their ESD safe PLA and ESD safe polycarbonate.


Another prolific manufacturer of filaments is Proto-Pasta, out of Vancouver, Washington. At the request of a few customers, we’ve tested and certified a number of Proto-Pasta filament, incluing a conductive PLA, and a number of design-oriented, metal infused filaments. According to Proto-Pasta’s site, their Copper, Brass, Bronze and Iron-filled PLA’s can be treated a number of different ways to create patinas ranging from polished, to rough, and oxidized.

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