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What is slicer software? Why is it needed?

3D printing slicer software controls every aspect of your 3D print. It translates 3D models into instructions your printer understands. Slicer software can also provide other features, including selecting the different materials you wish to print with, optimizing your printer’s settings for each material and other advanced capabilities including incorporating multiple parts into one print, setting how solid (infill) your part should be and creating support structures in the event they are needed to print your part.

What slicer software does the F400 use?

Every Fusion3 F400 includes one, free license for Simplify3D (a $149 value). The software is easy to use, lightning fast, and generates superior output of your models that is optimized for the selected material. Your license allows for the creation of 1 user account and can be installed by the owner on 2 different PC’s.

What file types can Simplify3D process?

Simplify3D can generate g-codes from imported .STL and .OBJ files.

What operating systems can Simplify3D operate on?

Simplify3D will be able to operate on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

Does Fusion3 provide default settings (material profiles) for use with your printer/Simplify3D

Yes, Fusion3 extensively tests filaments from our recommended suppliers to develop profile settings for optimum results from Fusion3’s 3D printers. We are constantly adding new material profiles, so if you have a particular material that you are interested in, check with us and we’ll help you find something that will work.

Does Simplify3D create support structures?

Yes, Simplify3D will generate breakaway support structures, using the base material that the part is being printed in, only in places where the model requires it. Simplify3D also allows users to generate and place custom support structures on their model.

Does Simplify3D provide an estimate for how long it will take to print my part?

Yes, Simplify3D will estimate the total time to print and amount of filament used (by weight) for each print.

Can you edit models in Simplify3D?

You can change the scale size of your models in Simplify3D and orient the model for the most efficient print orientation. However, Simplify3D does not allow the user to make any design changes to the model.

Can you print multiple parts using Simplify3D?

Yes, you can print more than one model with Simplify3D, the model can also be different. Simplify3D will help you generate the most efficient placement of the models on the build plate for quality and timely printing.

Are multiple parts printed one at a time? Or all at once?

You have 2 choices in Simplify3D. You can either have your parts printed all at once, printed layer by layer and the tool path is optimized for the shortest travel time between parts OR, taking a longer period of time, print each part in sequence. If you choose to print each part in sequence, the part cannot exceed 3 inches in height.

Can you control the printer using Simplify3D on a desktop/laptop?

Simplify3D cannot be used to control your Fusion3 printer. Our printers work as independent devices and can only be controlled via their front touchscreen controls or through the onboard web interface.

If I already have Simplify3D will I still be able to get access to Fusion3’s pre-set material settings (profiles)?

Yes, Fusion3’s profiles are not pre-installed in Simplify3D. You can download these files from the Manuals and Downloads page.