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To find a specific question or browse answers from our FAQ’s, please select a category below. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please contact either Fusion3 sales (sales@fusion3design.com) or our Technical Support (support@fusion3design.com).

How many PC’s can I install a REACTOR license on?
The REACTOR End User License Agreement allows for installation on up to 2 eligible PC’s. If you wish to operate REACTOR in a virtual environment, you are limited to two concurrent users.
What slicer software does Fusion3 bundle with its 3D printers?
Fusion3 bundles its REACTOR 3D printing software (slicer) with its 3D printers ($149 value) (one copy, one seat). REACTOR, is a commercial slicing program (not an open-source program customized for our needs), that harnesses the capabilities of our 3D printers, easy-to-use but posesses powerful features expected by our professional users.
What are the steps to print my CAD file on the Fusion3 EDGE?

The workflow for printing with the Fusion3 EDGE 3D Printer is very simple.

  1. Export your CAD file to your hard drive in .STL or .OBJ format
  2. Open that file using the supplied REACTOR 3D Printing Software
  3. In REACTOR, import your file and align it on the print bed to the optimal placement (usually to minimize the amount of support structures)
  4. Select your EDGE 3D Printer print head size installed, and material you wish to print
  5. Clicking on the ‘gear’, modify any other part settings including the percent infill
  6. Select ‘PREPARE’ and save the file to your hard drive
  7. Copy that file onto your EDGE 3D printer, either via USB drive or via web browser to your EDGE 3D printer’s onboard storage
  8. Prepare the print bed with adhesive
  9. Load your filament into the printer
  10. From the printer control panel or web interface, start your print
Is REACTOR ‘Open-Source’?
No, REACTOR is not ‘open-source’ software. REACTOR is a high-quality, commercial 3D printing slicer, created in partnership with Create it REAL using their REALvision print engine.

REACTOR has all the features that you would expect in a traditional 3D printing slicer plus several unique features specific to Fusion3’s 3D printers.

What operating systems does REACTOR support?
Fusion3 REACTOR is limited to Microsoft Windows as over 98% of Fusion3 customers are on that platform and we did not have the business case to invest on either Linux or MacOS. For customers on those platforms, we either suggest running the software in a Windows virtual environment or, in extreme cases, continuing to use Simplify3D 4.0.1, although material profiles and our ability to provide technical support may be somewhat constrained.
How can I purchase an additional license for REACTOR?

The REACTOR End User License Agreement allows for 1 License to be installed on up 2 PCs. You can add additional licenses to your 3D printer purchase at that time. If you wish to purchase additional copies / additional licenses of REACTOR after your 3D printer purchase, you can do so at the Fusion3 Replacement Parts Store at https://store.fusion3design.com.

Can REACTOR be used with other 3D printers?
Fusion3’s REACTOR is only compatible with our 3D printers, nor for sale on the open market.
Does Fusion3 provide default settings (material profiles) for use with REACTOR?
Yes, Fusion3 extensively tests filaments from a wide variety of different material suppliers to ensure compatibility with Fusion3 3D printers and optimal print results when used. These settings are already within REACTOR and updated automatically when new profiles are created or updated over the internet. For customers still using Simplfiy3D, update profiles can be downloaded from the Fusion3 website in the Manuals & Downloads section.
What if I order a new printer and want it to come with Simplify3D instead?
We understand that some existing customers and new customers may already be familiar with Simplify3D or depend on some of its unique features and workflows. We will continue to support Simplify3D for some period of time and you can purchase a copy of Simplify3D (or omit the Simplify3D license altogether). That said, as of February 2021, it has been almost 3 years since Simplify3D has come out with a reliable update of their software and we believe that customers should consider a migration path toward REACTOR in the coming months.
Does Fusion3 support other slicers besides REACTOR and the legacy Simplify3D?

We understand that customers may have a personal preference and wish to use different slicing software. However, Fusion3 only supports REACTOR (and legacy support for Simplify3D) for a number of reasons including:

  • Generates excellent print output
  • Has a robust set of features, competitive with peer software, and meets customer expectations
  • Commercial software (not open-source
  • Can provide features our customers require (meets security needs, customizable to work with our platforms)

Also, we are unable to provide additional support outside of these slicers due to the work to create material profiles. Each slicer has its own way to handle the physics of 3D printer motion and material deposition. The tuning necessary for 3D printing and each material is substantial and the creation of new profiles for each material, for a new slicer software, creates an exponential increase in the amount of work and cost.

The material profiles are an integral part of our technical support by eliminating a large % of variables from the 3D printing process. If the customer had to create these profiles on their own, it could have a large impact both on print quality and our ability to provide any support to the customer.

Please note, that using REACTOR (and/or Simplify3D) is key to ensure that you are in compliance with the Fusion3 warranty. Damage caused by commands from a different slicer will likely not be covered.

Why is REACTOR a locally installed software application instead of a ‘web’ or ‘cloud’ application?
We chose to provide REACTOR as an installed piece of software for a few different reasons. First, a super-majority of our customers are uncomfortable with uploading their design files onto an internet server for intellectual property and/or security reasons and prefer software on a local computer. Second, a the customer experience when running a 3D intensive application such as a slicer is generally much better on a local computer than over the internet.
What is slicer software? Why is it needed?
3D printing slicer software controls every aspect of your 3D print. It translates 3D models into instructions your printer understands. Slicer software can also provide other features, including selecting the different materials you wish to print with, optimizing your printer’s settings for each material and other advanced capabilities including incorporating multiple parts into one print, setting how solid (infill) your part should be and creating support structures in the event they are needed to print your part.
What file types can REACTOR process?
REACTOR can generate output files (g-code) from imported .STL, .OBJ, .PLY and .OFF files.
Does REACTOR create support structures?
Yes, REACTOR will generate breakaway support structures, using the base material that the part is being printed in, only in places where the model requires it.
Does REACTOR provide an estimate for how long it will take to print my part?
Yes, REACTOR provides a very accurate estimate of the total time to print and amount of filament used (by weight) for each print.
Can you edit models in REACTOR?
You can change the scale size of your models in REACTOR and orient the model for the most efficient print orientation. However, REACTOR does not allow the user to make any design changes to the model.
Can you print multiple parts using REACTOR?
Yes, you can print more than one model with REACTOR, the model can also be different. REACTOR will help you generate the most efficient placement of the models on the build plate for quality and timely printing.
Can you control the printer using REACTOR on a desktop/laptop?
REACTOR is not designed to control your Fusion3 printer. Our printers work as independent devices and can only be controlled via their front touchscreen controls or through the onboard web interface.
What if I have a suggestion for a new feature (or find a feature missing) in REACTOR?
If there are features missing from REACTOR that are critical for you, or if you have feature ideas or requests, please contact our support team at SUPPORT@FUSION3DEISGN.COM.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions!

Your input is vital to our ability to update and improve REACTOR. We anticipate making regular updates to REACTOR to ensure a stable and continually improving product.