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Fusion3 Filament Certification Update: 4/29/2018

Apr 29, 2018 | Blog

Fusion3 continues to ensure its customers the most robust variety of 3D printing filament to print on its industry-leading commercial 3D printers. The latest update adds 7 new materials from 4 different manufacturers and we’re excited to welcome Filkemp as the newest manufacturer to our list.

Atomic Filaments ‘Ultra Black’ Carbon Fiber ABS

Carbon Fiber infused materials are in high demand, and Atomic Filaments now produces a carbon fiber ABS. The company claims that this material offers “improved dimensional stability during printing (shrink), desirable low luster appearance plus a great feeling textured surface , excellent for technical prints & parts.”

PushPlastic Lexan Polycarbonate

MakeShaper ASA

Those ‘in the know’ reccomend ASA as an alternative to ABS as it has unique characteristics (UV tolerance & chemical resistance) and much easier to print. Makeshaper describes their ASA filament as “…an ideal choice for outdoor and automotive applications. It features superior UV-stability, high weather resistance, chemical resistance and exceptional print quality.”

Other Newly Certified Materials Include:

To learn more about the Fusion3 F410 and the wide range of materials it can print