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Details on the F-306 Posted

Jun 18, 2013 | Product Update

Earlier today we pushed out a small website update that includes some preliminary information on our new 3D printer, the F-306.

If you check our homepage you will find an updated picture of what we expect our first production batch of units to look like, and a link to a product details page. Over the next couple of weeks we will be adding more information and details, as well as some real life pictures of our beta units, and high-resolution pictures of objects made on the F-306.

We expect the first production batch of printers to be available for sale in September of this year. Until then we’re going to be working with a small group of users to rigorously test some pre-production beta units. We take reliability seriously, and part of that is extensive testing even if we here at Fusion3 think we’re ready to begin production.

Please stay tuned for details on beta testing progress and additional information on our first production batch!