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Eleven New 3D Printing Filaments Recently Certified For Fusion3 3D Printers

Dec 4, 2017 | Announcements, Press, Tips

Fusion3 continues to ensure its customers the most robust variety of 3D printing filament to print on its industry-leading commercial 3D printers. The latest update adds 11 new materials from 9 different manufacturers, including the addition of four new manufacturers to the list.

Here’s a rundown of the newly certified materials:

Filaments.ca “Easy PC”

Filament.ca’s new formulation Polycarbonate (PC) premium filament is an extremely strong impact and temperature resistant material. Unlike most PC filament, this one can be printed at settings similar to ABS, as low as 235°C while still maintaining all the great properties Polycarbonate is known for. Easy PC has great mechanical strength, can be bent and formed while cold without cracking or deform. Unlike Acrylic or Plexi-glass, Polycarbonate does not shatter or crack.

NinjaTek Cheetah (95A Flexible)

NinjaTek says that its Cheetah™ flexible filament is the fastest and easiest to print flexible filament on the market. The focus in development of this material was on optimizing the user experience. The result is a filament that is printable across all types of desktop 3D printers at ABS and PLA speeds, many times twice the speed of other flexible materials on the market. Cheetah filament possesses industry leading durability along with impact strength 84% greater than ABS. The abrasion resistance is also second only to NinjaTek’s Armadillo product, making Cheetah the perfect blend of speed, toughness and strength.

Polymaker Polysmooth

Polymaker is out to solve the issue of visible layers on FDM parts. Thay have developed a 2 step process (filament + post processing machine) to produce 3D printed parts without layers. Its Polysmooth filament is a form of PLA, that can be used with its Polysher device (purchased separately). After printing, just put the part in Polymaker’s Polysher machine and the company says your layers will disappear!

Atomic Filament Carbon Fiber Extreme PLA

Atomic Filament’s Carbon Fiber Extreme PLA prints with a deep black slightly textured surface & no transparency. The company says that its filament and parts are NOT brittle like some competitor CF products and is excellent for professional looking technical prints. This material is infused with USA made premium MILLED carbon fiber NOT powder or dust.

3DFuel Workday PLA (APLA)

3D-Fuel Workday PLA/APLA Filament is stronger and more heat resistant than Standard PLA and even stronger than ABS. Workday PLA/APLA is produced from high heat grade PLA, which was developed specifically for the manufacturing of 3D printer filament. High heat grade resin exhibits improved heat-resistance and has faster crystallization rates. When using 3D-Fuel filament made from this resin you can expect: Low odor, higher print detail/resolution, excellent first layer adhesion, improved adhesion between layers, reduced warping, curling, and failed prints.

Hatchbox PETG

Verbatim ABS


Meltink ABS

Meltink PLA

Meltink PLA/PHA