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Fusion3 Certifies Another 15 Filaments, Including Glass Fiber, For its 3D Printers

Sep 22, 2019 | Blog

Fusion3 continues our leadership in open-source 3D printing materials. Our customers have access to the widest variety of 3D printing filament for our industry-leading commercial 3D printers.

The latest update to our Certified Materials List adds an additional fifteen (15) engineering grade materials from nine (9) different manufacturers. This brings the total number of materials in our list to 140 from 39 different manufacturers.

Are you a filament manufacturer, interested having your filament certified for Fusion3’s 3D printers?
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Glass Fiber Reinforced Filaments

If 2019 was the year of carbon fiber reinforced 3D printing materials, we suspect next year, 2020, will focus on the expanding use of glass fiber reinforced materials. Where carbon fiber provides greater stiffness and strength to weight ratio, Fiberglass not only adds stiffness, but may also increase the thermal properties (heat resistance). Fusion3 is excited to have certified five different glass fiber reinforced versions of Nylon and PETG.


The large German chemical conglomerate, BASF, continues to make headway into the 3D printing world. Through its purchase of Innofil3D in 2017, BASF produces 3D printing filaments. We’re excited to test and certify the Innofil3D ABS, PLA and PETG, which provides our European customers another great vendor of material for use in their Fusion3 3D printers.

Additional Engineering-Grade Plastics

Many of our customers have unique projects which require engineering-grade plastics with unique characteristics. This month, we feature newly certified materials from FormFutura (specially formulated ASA), Polymaker (Carbon Fiber reinforced PA6 Nylon), and Taulman3D (guidel!ne, a specialty PETG).

Customer Requests

Our customers often bring new filament manufacturers to our attention and request that we certify their favorite materials. This is one of the many features our our industry leading technical support. Here’s 5 different PLA formulations that we’ve recently certified for our users:

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