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STRATASYS F170 VS. Fusion3 edge

(UPDATED 4/4/2022)

Stratasys’ F123 line seemed to have been introduced around 2017-2018 to directly compete with the Fusion3 F400 and its successor the F410.

Previously, only Fusion3 used verbiage such as “affordable industrial-grade 3D printing” and an emphasis on accuracy, reliability, safety, and ease of use. Frankly, we’re flattered that a company with a long history in 3D printing such as Stratasys, would take notice of our products.

The Stratasys F170 is the entry-level 3D printer for both their F123 line and all of Stratasys’ 3D printers and it shows.

The F170 only prints 3 materials, costs three times more than the Fusion3 EDGE, before you factor in the inflated cost of proprietary materials and extra service contracts.

Overall, the Fusion3 EDGE is a much better value than the Stratasys F170 and the entire F123 line of 3D printers, providing a wider range of printable materials, a larger build area at faster speeds, a longer warranty, and free lifetime technical support.

Fusion3 EDGE 3D Printer
vs. Stratasys F170

“We really like your sample (printed on the Fusion3 EDGE). It actually has equal, if not better, quality than the sample printed on the (Stratasys) F170.”

Prospective Customer,
Aerospace Services Industry

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