Approximately 25 years ago, 3D printers that work with plastic filament (also known as FDM or FFM), emerged on the scene. Understandably expensive to develop, the companies that developed these technologies marketed their 3D printers to large corporations and created the category of ‘industrial 3D printers’.

Industrial 3D printers certainly provide great performance, good reliability and enclosed,  and are safe for use in the workplace.  Despite these benefits, 25 year later, most industrial 3D printers are still:

Expensive: Initial costs start at $15,000 and go as high as $100,000.

High Operating Costs / Limited Materials: Being closed systems, you are required to purchase proprietary 3D printing filament at inflated prices and limited to a handful of popular materials.

Underwhelming Service & Support: Despite the high cost, your industrial 3D printer usually comes with a one year warranty with the option of extending the warranty and support plan each year at an additional cost ($3,000 to $8,000 per year). These services include on-site service, however, there’s no guarantee that service personnel are nearby and make take a week or more to arrange a service call.

Fusion3 3D Printers was started to provide an affordable alternative to expensive industrial 3D printers.


Performance: You don’t sacrifice performance with Fusion3. Our 3D printers have print quality and print speeds that rival and sometime exceed that of industrial 3D printers.

Affordable: To spur adoption by all size companies and educational institutions, Fusion3’s F400-S is only $4,499 USD + Shipping. This is a fraction of the cost of an industrial 3D printer.

Open Materials: Unlike industrial 3D printer companies, we do not sell filament. Instead we test and certify a wide range of materials from many different manufacturers, ensuring variety, quality and low operating cost.

Safety & Comfort: Our fully enclosed system, just like industrial 3D printers, is quiet, ensures protection from hot surfaces and with our optional Carbon and HEPA air filters, reduces smells and potentially hazardous emissions when used in locations lacking adequate ventilation.

Professional Support: With Fusion3, there are no additional operating cost for support and service contracts. Every Fusion3 3D printer comes a 2 Year Warranty and FREE lifetime phone and email support. Our support team is available Monday through Friday during working hours (8am to 8pm, US East Coast) and provided by factory experts (the same people who assemble and test your 3D printer before it is shipped to you).

If you’re a customer who wishes they could have an industrial 3D printer, but can’t afford the high cost, Fusion3’s F400 is a great alternative. The F400 will meet the needs of anyone who requires a high performance 3D printer, low operating costs and a commitment to maximum up-time.

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