Andy Cohen from the 3D Printing Today podcast was kind enough to stop by the Fusion3 Booth at CES and interview our CEO, Chris Padgett.

Andy and Chris know each other from their participation in the Google ‘3D Printing Tips & Tricks’ message board (which, BTW, is a really great resource for advanced 3D printer users).

Andy knew about Fusion3 through industry scuttlebutt but had never seen our F400 in person.

Here are a few of his comments:

“I’m looking for places where I’d see ringing and overshoots… there is no ringing at all, pretty astounding results, I don’t think you can get any better in FDM”

“for those who don’t see me right now, I’m drooling”

“this is a brilliant machine”

“very, very functional vs. flashy”

“if you’re a 3D printing service, in FDM, this is THE machine”

To listen to the entire podcast, I found the best online player to be at (CLICK HERE). The segment with Chris & Fusion3 starts in the 34th minute.




Attend A Live, Online Demo

Each week we host live, online webinars to demonstrate the capabilities and features of our F410 3D printers.

Over the course of 1 hour, we take you an entire sample print, from preparing your CAD file, to removing the part from the print bed, and  with 2 way audio, you are encouraged to ask questions along the way.

Please look for an email shortly!