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Fusion3 Supports the Widest Range of Materials by Any 3D Printer Manufacturer

Dec 6, 2016 | Announcements, Press

Today, we announced an major update to the list of materials that we support on the entire line of Fusion3 3D printers (link to Press Release).

Building on our open material philosophy, we announced a significant expansion of the number of materials we support. Our team has worked hard to certify over 35 different formulations of generic and specialty 3D filaments produced by 13 of the world’s leading 3D filament manufacturers.

Tested and approved filament categories now include generic and specialty formulations of PLA, ABS, ASA, PET, PETG, PC-ABS, Nylon, Polycarbonate, Flexible (TPU/TPE), Polyester, Acrylics, and HIPS (soluble).

The list of manufacturers increases as well. You now can purchase certified materials from a ‘who’s who’ of leading North American and European 3D filament manufacturers including: Atomic Filament, ColorFabb, E3D, Fillamentum, MakeShaper, NinjaTek, ProtoPasta, ProtoParadigm, Taulman3D, 3DXtech, 3D-Fuel, Toner Plastics, Ultimachine and Verbatim.

Some key points for customers to know:

  1. Our 3D filaments / materials page has been updated to reflect this large list. On the page you can see high resolution images of each certified material to help in your selection.
  2. We’ve published a reference guide that shows which Simplify3D file is used with each material. This page is found both on the 3D Filaments / Materials page as well as in the Manuals / Downloads page within our Support Resources and will be updated each month as new profiles are released.
  3. We’ve released an updated set of Simplify3D profiles for customers to download. These are always available on the Manuals / Downloads page.
  4. The R&D team at Fusion3 will continue to test new materials and each month will be providing updates to these resources and to customers via our newsletters. If you have specific requests for materials you’d like to see us test, please contact our support team and we will add it to the list. Remember, customers who have the Advanced Exchange Service & Support Plan, will have their requests put at the top of the list.

Please note that not every material at each manufacturer has been certified. In some cases, their generic PLA or ABS may likely work, but not yet been gone through the testing process. Other more technical materials may either have not yet been tested or may not have passed the certification process. If you’re unsure, it’s better to check with the support team to ensure the best experience and ensure compatibility with your Fusion3 3D Printer.