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Make: 3D Printer Buyer’s Guide – F306 Review

Jan 16, 2016 | Coverage, Press

Make Magazine, a print and online publication focused on the ‘maker movement’ for consumers and hobbyists, recently published a great review of our F306 printer.

For those that don’t know, the F306 is a commercial-grade 3D printer and suited for commercial and education customers, so we knew going into the reviews that our product wasn’t quite the right fit for the maker movement. That said, we love it when the 3D print media get the opportunity to use our printer.

Make Magazine uses a thorough, quantitative assessment of each printer they test and the F306 had the 3rd highest score of all printers mentioned, and only 2 points off the winner. The F306 might have gotten a few more points and been in the winner’s position as a few of their tests actually penalize printers with the faster speed of the F306.

Despite this, we were very pleased with the review and received a number of glowing compliments from Tom Burtonwood, the reviewer;

“The F306 is a thing of beauty and will delight 3D printer enthusiasts. It’s an entrancing machine, with the open frame design, brightly lit build area, mirrored platform, and nylon thread movements. The printing seemed effortless and graceful, and it scored highly over the weekend testing.”

“The overall excellent construction of this machine is evident in its exquisite attention to detail.”

“A good choice for anyone looking to make big prints quickly without compromising quality or reliability.”