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Fusion3 Filament Certification Update: 10/15/2018

Oct 14, 2018 | Blog

Fusion3 continues to ensure its customers the most robust variety of 3D printing filament to print on its industry-leading commercial 3D printers. The latest update adds ten new materials from seven different manufacturers and we’re excited to welcome Keene Village Plastics, eSUB, CasiusTech and ElogioAM to our always-growing list of certified materials.

Keene Village Plastics

Keene Village Plastics, recently spun out of 3D Systems, is a high-quality developer and producer of 3D printing filament. Our initial release of their materials, includes their standard PLA, Performance PLA, ABS and PETG. Other materials are in testing and more profiles will be released in the coming months,

ElogioAM – Facilian C8

3D4Makers, a Netherlands-based manufacturer of 3D printing filament, partnered with Perstorp AB to create a new 3D printing filament brand called ElogioAM. ElogioAM describes Facilian C8 as having higher tensile strength than ABS, higher impact strength than PLA and among other feats, should print without visible layers.

MakeShaper – ElitePLA

MakeShaper, a premium 3D filament producer based in the USA, released their Elite PLA (E-PLA). MakeShaper’s describes this material as a “high-performance version of our US Made PLA that is specially formulated for professional use (Pro PLA). Based on Natureworks® 3D870 resin it boasts higher impact strength, improved heat resistance, improved printability and is annealable for ultimate strength.”

Other Newly Certified Materials Include:

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