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New REACTOR version 1.4.2 Released

Mar 20, 2023 | New Release, REACTOR, Troubleshooting, Update

Fusion3 is proud to announce that as part of our continuous software improvement, we have released a new version of our slicing software REACTOR Version 1.4.2. It is highly advanced and possesses several additional updates and features to improve user experience.

What You Can Expect

REACTOR has undergone a major UI refresh, simplifying the way settings are displayed and removing setting duplications that detracted from the efficiency of the program.

In addition to this refresh, the changelog includes:

  • Updated Square Z-hop movement: Using this produces a Z-hop with a square movement pattern, e.g. First Z+, then XY, then Z
  • Bug fixes: Updates have also allowed for the clearing of some bugs and glitches, namely the issue related to slow slicing and multiple objects
  • Hatchbox UBS profile is now able to be visible
  • Framework has been updated to .NET6
  • New and improved Material settings menu with settings divided into categories
  • The settings menu now contains a search bar, to search for available settings
  • Decreased slicing time, especially in scenarios with multiple objects on the buildplate
  • Improved 3D viewer with a different rendering engine, providing better utilization of the graphics card for faster preview
  • New retraction settings: Delay in S and max suckback during movement
  • General updates to tooltips for better consistency

GPU Troubleshooting

On computers with multiple GPUs, there is an issue that may prevent the 3D toolpath from showing up. If the software seems to lock up when you try to display the 3D toolpath, follow the steps below to resolve this issue:

  1. Start > settings > system > display > graphics settings
  2. Make sure “desktop app” is selected in the drop-down
  3. Click browse, go to C:\Program Files\Fusion3\REACTOR\, select “REACTOR.exe”
  4. Select “high performance” to force it to the high performance GPU

Our Goal Is Your Success

Our team takes customer fulfillment seriously, which is why we are so excited to offer these changes and updates. Download the Reactor updates.

Our goal is your success and we look forward to implementing the most cutting-edge tools to help you get there. Learn how Fusion3 can help you get started on your next project.